Your Toyota warranty: keep your car covered

Your Toyota is one of the most reliable and durable cars on the road, but our comprehensive warranty package gives you added peace of mind. Touch wood, you won’t need to make use of our warranties, but it’s good to know you can rely on them if and when you have to.

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Every new Toyota passenger car comes with a five-year, 100,000-mile mechanical warranty. There’s no mileage limitation in year one and the warranty also covers any mechanical fault caused by a manufacturing defect.

As well as the mechanical warranty, every new Toyota passenger car has a 12-year anti-corrosion and perforation warranty. The cover protects against rust perforation affecting sheet metal body panels as a result of a manufacturing fault and there’s no mileage limit. There’s also a three-year paintwork and surface rust guarantee.

Toyota is the world-leader in hybrid technology, and our hybrid batteries are covered by the Hybrid Battery Warranty. This guarantees lasts for five years and 100,000 miles. What’s more, this cover can be extended for another year or 10,000 miles simply by taking your car to a Toyota Centre for a Hybrid Health Check. The check is free of charge if carried out as part of a service. Even if your car isn’t due a service the Hybrid Health Check costs just £39.

It’s not just the Hybrid Battery Warranty which can be extended. Whether you have owned your car from new or bought it as a used car, a Toyota Extended Warranty means you can enjoy peace of mind for longer. To preserve this warranty you’ll need to have the car serviced or inspected annually (or more frequently for a high-mileage driver) by a Toyota Dealer or Service Outlet.

The benefits of a Toyota Extended Warranty go well beyond the obvious, and make most aftermarket warranty packages look rather lacking. Not only does the warranty cover parts and repairs, it also helps keep you on the road if there is a problem with your Toyota. If you can’t drive your car because a part has failed you can claim up to five days’ car hire to a maximum of £45 per day (including VAT) after the first 24 hours.

Our Extended Warranty also entitles you to hotel expenses if the repair or replacement of a protected part takes more than 24 hours from arrival at a Toyota Dealer and you are more than 20 miles from your home, paying up to £150 (including VAT) towards one night’s accommodation, including breakfast.

The Toyota Extended Warranty also covers you against unexpected repair bills following an MOT failure. As long as the vehicle is repaired and passes, your Extended Warranty will pay for repairs or replacement of covered parts including labour, up to the vehicle’s purchase price. All you have to pay is the original MOT test fee and the first £10 of any repair costs.

So, your Toyota is one of the most reliable cars on the road and comes with one of the most comprehensive warranty packages. It’s a belts and braces approach which gives peace of mind to our customers.

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      Our warranty covers any mechanical fault that is caused by a manufacturing defect.

      Your nearest Toyota Centre will need to assess this and determine if it is covered under warranty, so we would recommend making an appointment with them to get this checked out.


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