Toyota RAV4 service: all you need to know

Toyota RAV4 service

The Toyota RAV4 is a fantastic family-friendly five-seat SUV, and you can keep it that way by getting service at a Toyota dealer or approved service centre. All Toyota RAV4 models have annual service intervals of every 12 months, or if you hit a maximum mileage before the year is out (usually every 10,000 miles), then you need to get your RAV4 serviced then.

Booking regular service appointments, as per your car’s maintenance schedule, will keep it in the best condition. It means there are less likely to be mechanical issues further down the road, too. What’s more, our specialist Toyota Trained Technicians at our Toyota dealers are qualified to keep any RAV4 in the best health, too.

Toyota RAV4 service

When a RAV4 arrives at one of our service centres, it will be treated to a 37-point Vehicle Health Check as part of the service, and Toyota genuine parts will be used throughout. If your car is more than three years old, then your local Toyota service centre can also carry out an MOT test on your RAV4, either as part of a service, or it can be booked separately.

If you own a Toyota RAV4 Hybrid or Plug-in Hybrid, then your car will also benefit from Toyota’s Hybrid Electric Service. This complimentary additional health check of the car’s hybrid system ensures that everything is working correctly. Your car’s battery warranty is then extended by another 12 months, and there’s a maximum of 15 years of coverage for the hybrid system.

What happens in a Toyota RAV4 service?

There are alternating Intermediate and Full services for the Toyota RAV4. The first is a basic oil and filter change, but the latter is a thorough inspection of the car’s mechanical, electrical and safety equipment, so you can have peace of mind that everything is in order. Depending on the age of the RAV4 (and whether it’s petrol, hybrid or diesel), service will include:

Engine oil and filter replacement, screenwash refill, checks on the air filter, brake fluid, pollen filter and the battery of the remote-control keyfob.

Fluid levels were checked and topped up as required, brake pipes and hoses were inspected, the exhaust checked for leaks, wheel rims for damage and wheel nut tightness, handbrake operation and brake pedal travel. Checks that the lights, horns, wipers & washers all work correctly, and that the function of all warning lights is correct while chasing up any issues they might be highlighting. We’ll also check seat belts for damage & operation, the installation of the driver’s floor mat and the operation of the alarm.

Toyota RAV4 service

Other inspections include ones for the 12-volt battery, the cooling system, including the radiator and condenser, engine and inverter coolant, valve clearances, brake life, the fuel system, automatic transmission fluid, play in the steering wheel, gearbox & linkages, the condition of the driveshafts, ball joints and bearings, play in the suspension, the condition of the tyres, wheel alignment, glass and lenses of the exterior lights.

Finally, and if possible, your RAV4 will be washed and vacuumed, while a visual safety report will be prepared for your car’s collection.

Toyota Warranty

Every new RAV4 is eligible to be covered by up to a 10-year/100,000 miles (whichever comes first) Toyota warranty. This is provided through an initial three-year manufacturer warranty, and up to an additional seven-year service-activated Toyota Warranty. Under Toyota Warranty, a 12-month/10,000-mile warranty is included with every Toyota service, giving you a chance to relax in the knowledge that you and your vehicle are in safe hands. Terms and conditions apply.

Service Plans

For some owners, the prospect of facing a large annual service bill for their Toyota RAV4 can stop them from making a booking in the first place. But Toyota is able to provide service plans that can help to spread the cost of servicing. A plan can last for 24 or 36 months – which will cover two or three services – and you can take one out at any time.

To find out how much a service plan costs for your car, simply enter your registration and mileage, and the Toyota Service Plan calculator will do the rest. As well as service costs, the calculator also offers extras such as Toyota Roadside Assistance and can also include your MOT costs.

DIY Maintenance

If you like the idea of doing your own servicing on an older Toyota RAV4, then there’s nothing stopping you. Toyota can help you to source parts for your car, either via your local dealer, or our official stores on eBay and Amazon. These offer a wide range of parts and accessories for all models, new and old. All parts bought via official channels are fully approved and covered by a 12-month warranty, subject to terms and conditions.

Toyota RAV4 repairs

If your Toyota RAV4 is damaged, then your local Toyota dealer can also repair your car. As with servicing, all Toyota repairs use genuine parts with at least 12 months warranty, while fixed-price repairs mean that there will be no surprise costs to budget for. Our Toyota dealers will also aim to offer same-day service on any mechanical repairs that need to be conducted. And of course, your Toyota service centre will keep you informed of all work that will need to be carried out.


  1. Hi
    Im in the process of buying RAV4 2020 from a
    private seller but v concerned as it has 3 owners while the car has done only 8000 miled

    1. Hi Sumaya, thanks for your question.

      Are you purchasing the RAV4 through Toyota Approved Used?


      1. I own a 2009 Rav 4 D cat auto, do I need to change the Automatic gearbox oil? It’s used for towing. Thanks

      2. Hi James,thank you for getting in touch.

        Please could you provide the registration so we can follow up.


        Toyota UK

  2. I have purchased a 3Yr MapCare & Services but I do not know how this can be activate on the actual device as I have updated the the software and Map it does not appears on my system anyone can suggest what i should do or shall ask for a refund?

      1. I have been through all of this but it does not seems to be working or not sure how it should be done. Anyone else can help

      2. This is no number to call would you please share their number so i can call them please

      3. I have send an email vs the online form but since 2 days now i havent heard anything so i have send another one today just now hopefully they will answer it quite

  3. Hi
    What is replacement part number for Black Aygo 2010 rear offside drivers Rear light lens cluster

    1. Hi Dave, thanks for your question.

      Please provide a Vehicle Registration so that we can look into this.


  4. Hello.
    Do you have published online specifically what is replaced and at what mileage?
    E.g. Pollen filter every 20k

    1. Hi Alex, thanks for your comment.

      To best answer this question, please can you provide your vehicle registration.


  5. Hi, “and there’s a maximum of 15 years of coverage for the hybrid system.”
    If we buy, say an approved used 2022 RAV4, does it carry this warranty and what are the terms and conditions? What percentage of the hybrid system is treated as healthy enough before it needs any repair/replacement? Does the above warranty cover this? Many thanks.

    1. Hi Varuna,
      Thanks for your question, and interest in the RAV4!
      In addition to the manufacturer warranty, a Toyota Hybrid battery can benefit from up to 15 years of warranty in total.
      With every service at a Toyota dealer, the warranty is extended for a further 12 months, up to the 15th year of registration.
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  6. Hi, I noticed that the brake fluid level is slightly below the minimum line. I would like to refill it with DOT3 fluid since the cap indicates that only DOT3 should be used. However, the manual states that either DOT3 or DOT4 fluid can be used. I’m unsure which brake fluid I should use. Could you please clarify? Thank you.

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