The Toyota Hybrid Warranty: technology you can rely on

Like all Toyotas, our hybrid models last and last. If something does go wrong, though, there’s the reassurance of a five-year/100,000-mile warranty for the hybrid components and the battery.

There’s a good chance you’ll never need to make use of that cover. Over 90% of the hybrid cars Toyota has built are still on the road. That’s well over five million cars. The batteries are designed to last for the lifetime of the vehicle and very rarely need to be replaced.

Besides, you can extend the battery cover beyond the fifth year free of charge. So long as you take your Toyota for its yearly Hybrid Health Check as part of its annual service, you won’t pay a penny to extend the cover for another year or 10,000 miles. With regular servicing and an annual Hybrid Health Check and the warranty could last up to 11 years.

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  1. Hi I have a 2012 Toyota prius, One of my led daytime fogs has gone dimmer while the other one is brighter, I took it in to the dealer and showed them, But they had said because water has gone inside the warranty will not cover it apparently, But surely warranty should be able to cover this as there was nothing I can do to prevent water going inside the unit, This is a technical fault as I didn’t cause this impact, They have quoted me £155 which is a rip off any information regarding this?

    1. Hi Jamil,
      We would have to advise contacting our customer relations team. They will have the best advice on this matter and will be able to assist you further with your query. Many thanks 🙂

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