Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024: Toyota’s sustainable mobility for all

Paris 2024

Enabling sustainable, accessible and inclusive mobility is at the heart of Toyota’s mobility concept for this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games. As the worldwide mobility partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), Toyota is proud to announce that it has made the first deliveries of 100% electrified support vehicles for Paris 2024.

Paris 2024

In total, Toyota will provide a passenger vehicle fleet of 2,764 electrified vehicles and 700 electric last-mile mobility solutions. Among these are 250 redesigned Accessible People Movers (APMs) manufactured in Europe. This showcase of inclusive and sustainable mobility ensures that athletes, stakeholders, staff, volunteers and spectators will be able to move around safely during the Games, with reduced environmental impact.

The ceremonial handover of the first Toyota vehicles for Paris 2024 was attended by (L to R): Yoshihiro Nakata, president of Toyota Motor Europe; Tony Estanguet, president of Paris 2024; Frank Marotte, CEO of Toyota France; and Didier Gambart, President KINTO Europe

The initial handover of vehicles, which took place on 1 March against the backdrop of Paris 2024’s carbon neutral ‘Pulse’ headquarters, included the unveiling of Toyota’s new Games liveries. These are designed so that each vehicle technology present at the Games is identifiable by dedicated colours.

Toyota’s multi-path strategy for Paris 2024

All Toyota vehicles officially employed during Paris 2024 will adopt special visual identities to highlight the strong partnership between Toyota and the Games. The overall design emphasises our multi-path strategy to carbon neutrality, while each of the technologies can be individually identified through dedicated colours.

Paris 2024

The designs were created using recognisable graphic elements of the Games and French culture –gradients, stripes, dots, iconic landmarks etc – to create a strong visual connection between activities on and off the playing fields. Colours were carefully selected to signify each technology: blue for the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (to represent the colour of water, the only emission emitted), green for the battery electric vehicles (to represent nature and zero tailpipe emissions), and purple for the hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Paris 2024
Toyota has also delivered the first units of the seated C+Walk to Paris 2024 employees with disabilities, enabling them to move freely inside the Pulse building

In addition to providing the official fleet vehicles for Paris 2024, employees of the organising committee have been experiencing Toyota’s Kinto car sharing service since September 2023. This flexible mobility service supports their professional needs during the preparations for the Games, especially when travelling to more distant venues that are not easily accessible by public transport. Positive feedback already received from Paris 2024 employees highlights the the effectiveness and value of this service.

Sustainability is a significant part of Toyota’s commitment to ever-better mobility, as underlined by our Environmental Challenge 2050. The purpose of this strategy is to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the company at a global level by 2050 – with Europe reaching this goal a decade earlier, in 2040.

Toyota’s 100% electrified passenger fleet

FCEV (Mirai)500
Wheelchair-accessible BEV150

Toyota’s last-mile inclusive mobility solutions

New APM250
C+Walk (seated)60
C+Walk (standing)190
Wheelchair e-puller200

Learn more: ‘The Journey’ to Paris 2024 – Team GB and Toyota’s Olympic docuseries

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