RAV4 meets the What Car? Reader Test Team

The new Toyota RAV4 is all set to arrive on UK roads – but before the country’s reviewers and road testers get the chance to see it, the What Car? Reader Test Team has given its verdict.

Watch the video below to see what the panel had to say.

Alex Paszkowski, who drives a Jeep Grand Cherokee, said: “I think it’s a huge improvement. The seats in the back are going to fit my kids to a tee, they’re going to love that. I found it was quite spacious, so for a nine and a 10 year-old, they’re going to have a whale of a time in there.

“It’s definitely going to be in the running. I think we’re going to be considering two to three cars, my wife’s mainly going to be driving this one but I’m going to feel comfortable in it as well.”

Colin Cartwright, a BMW 5 Series driver, said: “It’s a spacious car, there’s a lot of room in it… it’s actually very roomy in the rear.”

Llewellyn Austen, a current RAV4 driver, said: “This has just evolved to what a real 4×4 should be. I think Toyota have looked at other comparable products on the market and pitched this car absolutely right.”

Teresa Austen added: “Having that up and over door is a huge improvement – that was always the big bugbear on the old model.”

We’ll be publishing more on the new RAV4 soon, but in the meantime you can read our previous RAV4 posts here.

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RAV4 What Car reader test team