Hydrogen race car concept unveiled at Le Mans

Toyota Motor Corporation chairman Akio Toyoda has revealed for the first time a new hydrogen-engine vehicle prototype, the GR H2 Racing Concept. 

Developed with future competition in its sights, the prototype was unveiled today at a press conference hosted by Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO), organiser of the Le Mans 24 Hours. It was spurred by the ACO’s recent announcement that it would allow hydrogen-engine vehicles to compete – in addition to fuel cell electric vehicles – in a hydrogen category. 

Speaking at the press conference, Toyoda congratulated the ACO on the centenary of the Le Mans 24 Hours and expressed his gratitude for the opportunity the endurance race provides to hone car performance. 

Toyota has been competing with a hydrogen-engine Corolla race car in Japan’s Super Taikyu endurance racing series since 2021; the same car also took part in an endurance race in Thailand in December 2022. It has used this involvement to hone its technologies in the harsh environment of motorsport and, with like-minded partners within and outside the automotive industry, has been accelerating its efforts around the production, transportation and use of hydrogen to progress towards realising a carbon-neutral society. Toyota intends to further advance its efforts to make ever-better cars bred through motorsports and achieve a carbon-neutral society, and it looks forward to taking on the challenge of a new generation of Le Mans 24 Hours races. 

The GR H2 Racing Concept measures 5,100mm long and 2,050mm wide. Its powertrain features a hydrogen engine and hybrid system.

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  1. Brilliant, I have thought hydrogen is the way to go and would never willingly buy an electric vehicle with all its disadvantages. Keep up the good work so the government will promote hydrogen infrastructure instead of the unsustainable electric route.
    Congratulations on promoting hydrogen

  2. I really think it is great that Toyota are going down the Hydrogen fuel route to power cars. The inclusion of hydrogen in motorsport will encourage far more R&D into Hydrogen power and also interest from the wider public.
    I will wait until hydrogen vehicles become available at current petrol/diesel car prices and that the infrastructure is put in place.

  3. The quicker you can produce a standard hydrogen car for the masses the better for the planet.
    Jonnie Walker.
    Electric is a costly waste of time.

  4. I have never believed in electric cars and we could not even charge them all in Blighty as there is not the infrastructure or the electricity capacity. After all, the power has to be produced in the first place and that means emissions. With electric cars, you are just moving the problem from one area to another.
    Hydrogen is the way forward and can be produced when the electricity network cannot take all of the power generated by the wind farms but the government are not interested; they just do not have joined up thinking. If the infrastructure was right, I would gladly have my 2004 Amazon converted.
    The other commentators are spot on. Start with racing and it will quickly trickle down. By no time, Hydrogen will be available on the open market.

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