Happy birthday hybrid!

What happens when one of your loved ones has a birthday? You buy them a present don’t, you? Your hybrid loves its car service as much as kids love ice cream and cake. Give your Toyota the present it really wants by having your hybrid serviced at your local Toyota dealer.

Nobody knows Toyotas better than a Toyota technician. They’ll pamper your hybrid in a way nobody else could. To a Toyota hybrid a service at the local Toyota dealer is like a spa day at a luxury hotel.

You only want the best for the ones you love on their birthday: any present has to be the real thing, not a cheap knock-off. It’s the same when your hybrid is serviced at a Toyota dealer. Only genuine parts will do. Toyota parts are designed specifically for your car, and are made to the highest standards. They work better and last longer than a pattern part, all at a competitive price. What’s more, Toyota parts come with a minimum 12-month guarantee.

Servicing at a Toyota dealer also helps preserve your car’s warranty. It’s true that your new car warranty will still be valid if you have the car serviced independently to the correct schedule and using manufacturer-approved parts. On the other hand, can you be absolutely sure a back-street garage is servicing the car correctly, dotting every last ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’? Having your car maintained by your local Toyota dealer removes any doubt, so why take the risk?

If your car has an extended warranty, it’s compulsory to have it serviced by a Toyota dealer to preserve the cover. Besides, if your hybrid could speak it would tell you that’s what it wants. Why spoil the party?

Everyone has a relative who buys the same present, year after year. Maybe a favourite aunt who always sends you socks. Service your hybrid at a Toyota dealer and it will also receive the same gift between the ages of five and ten, but it won’t be left in the bottom of the sock drawer. A Hybrid Health Check is free of charge with every Hybrid Service. Not only will you receive a detailed written report on every aspect of your car’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system, the warranty on the battery will be extended for a year or 10,000 miles. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Organising a birthday party can be stressful, but treating your hybrid to a service at a Toyota dealership is hassle-free. Many dealers offer a collection and drop-off service, so there’s no interruption to your busy day. Alternatively, courtesy cars are available to keep you mobile, or you may prefer to wait at the dealership while the service is carried out. Free refreshments and complimentary wi-fi (in most Toyota dealers) should help the time pass quickly and productively before you and your hybrid get back on the road.

At Toyota, we love hybrids. If you feel the same way too, a service at your local Toyota dealer is just what your hybrid needs to celebrate another year on the road in style.

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