Behind the scenes of the 2016 UK Hilux launch

The new Toyota Hilux has arrived in the UK, and over the past week our UK launch event has seen journalists getting to grips with the pick-up that’s already being touted by some as one of the best models in its class to drive both on and off road.

DSC_8156The 2016 Toyota Hilux was first unveiled at the Geneva motor show earlier this year and, back in May, a select number of journalists were given the chance to drive the car in Namibia. The UK launch would showcase the car in a more rural setting, allowing journalists to see that not only is the Hilux capable of tackling exotic deserts, but it’s also a dependable work vehicle for our customers here in the UK.

DSC_8172The launch took place in rural Buckinghamshire. The picturesque location was the ideal place for journalists to experience both on- and off-road driving. 

2016-Hilux-Invincible-Ext-Dynamic-1For the on-road segment of the day, the press team had kindly pre-programmed the new seven-inch touch screen sat nav with a scenic route around Buckinghamshire – allowing drivers to experience what the car was like to drive on a day-to-day basis. There was a varied mixture of A and B roads on the route, giving journalists plenty of time behind the wheel to experience the improved SUV-like ride comfort.

DSC_8279For the off-road section drivers were accompanied by an instructor in the passenger seat as they tackled the treacherous and muddy terrain around the West Wycombe estate. With heavy rain tumbling down regularly to exacerbate the unfriendly conditions, the even tougher chassis and enhanced 4×4 capabilities of the new Hilux were truly put to the test. 

DSC_8273The new four wheel drive switch that has been added to the Hilux allows more freedom and improves the system’s durability and reliability by only making it possible to engage low-range gears when it is safe to do so. Another neat feature is Downhill Assist Control (DAC), which made it extremely easy for the Hilux to navigate around the estate – even on its road going tyres – tackling the steepest and muddiest of hills with no issues.

2016-Hilux-Invincible-Ext-Off-Road-18DAC maintains stability while travelling downhill in off-road conditions. When activated, the DAC system applies individual brakes to keep the vehicle stable and maintain a constant speed of up to 4.5mph during descent. It works in forward or reverse gears and requires no pedal input from the driver, allowing you to concentrate solely on the task of navigating the terrain.


The difficult topography, which included extremely steep hills, muddy fields and high flowing rivers, were a piece of cake for the new 2.4-litre D-4D diesel engine, with its responsive torque delivery. Being a more efficient engine than the one it replaces, there’s the added benefit of improved fuel efficiency, too – making the new Hilux much more affordable to run.

Throughout the week the new Toyota Hilux didn’t just prove how capable it is both on and off road. It’s also much more fun, and we really think it’s the best one yet!

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  1. Hi, I had a test drive on Hilux Invincible (automatic) and Icon (manual). I would like to ask you whether there is difference in shock-absorbers (suspension) as I found Icon really uncomfortable comparing to Invincible. I found that Icon got higher payload but I have not found what is max. for Invincible.
    Also the engine is much more loud and rough on Icon. Is there a difference in insulation or could it be caused by transmission ? Thank you very much for the answers.

    1. Hi Stefan,
      Thanks for your post. There is no difference in the shock-absorbers between the two models, the engine difference is also not related to the insulation as it is the same across both. Many thanks!

    1. Hi Dave,
      We would suggest test driving our Hilux. You can find your local dealer will be able to help assist you in the process. We hope you enjoy it!

    2. Mpg so far on my manual is 35 according to the trip computer I’m just under 500 miles so maybe it will do better when run in ,,,

      1. Thank you nice to hear from someone who is driving one it will be nice if you keep me informed I did take the demo out and it was doing around 25

  2. why such a delay on delivery ordered Invincible x on 18th July 16 have been given expected delivery of
    29th September I wish somebody could expiain in detail why so long and if there is a problem what might that be I am sort of going off the idea

  3. why such a wait on delivery ordered Invincible x on 18th july 16 told at the time I would have it between
    1st and 5th August then told on 22nd july I would not be getting delivery before 29th September 16

  4. Hi Anthony,
    Unfortunately we are unable to advise on why there is a delay to your order. You should contact your local dealer as they are the main point of contact for this. Your dealer should be able to explain the reason in detail. Many thanks!

  5. Hi Anthony,
    Unfortunately we are unable to advise on why there is a delay to your order. You should contact your local dealer as they are the main point of contact for this. Your dealer should be able to explain the reason in detail. Many thanks!

    1. Once again delivery date been put back to 13th October this is becoming a real joke
      And why can’t somebody from Toyota uk deal with this issue and let customers know what’s going on and it would seem the dealer’s do not seem to be at fault

      1. Hi Anthony,
        We are unable to comment on delivery dates for the Hilux. Have you spoken to customer relations regarding your issue?

      2. Has somebody at Toyota spoken to customer relations regarding their issue with delivery dates for the Hilux or vice versa

      3. Hi Anthony,
        If you would like to speak to customer relations regarding this issue, we can provide you with the relevant contact details to do so. Otherwise, similar to the previous comment, you would need to speak to your local Toyota centre. Many thanks!

      4. Toyota obviously didn’t like the last two comments both have been ignored and taken off still why would I expect anything different is this really the way to treat a customer of 25+ years the issue- problem lies with Toyota uk not me or the dealer I have already suggested Toyota contact their customer relations or customer relations contact Toyota between them they might be able to come up with something positive and then both or just one of them might contact me the customer that in itself would help in coming to terms with What I can only describe as a mysterious mess

      5. Hi Anthony,
        All comments have to be approved before they post live to the blog. Due to the social team being out of the office over the past couple of days, no comments have been approved and made public. We have now replied to your previous query. We can take note of your email address and get customer relations to contact you in the next couple of days. Hope this helps!

  6. My order two has been delayed only I’ve been given no date I’m wondering whether to cancel or wait for 2.8my dealer doesn’t seem to know either

  7. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for your post. Your dealer has all the current information on the state of your delivery, unfortunately our best advice would be to contact them again and see if they have had an update. Many thanks!

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