5 super cool features of the new Toyota Tacoma

This being the official Toyota GB blog, we seldom report on news of new American market models, but for the all-new 2016 Toyota Tacoma pick-up – revealed at the Detroit Auto Show this week – we’ve made an exception.

The Tacoma is a household name across the pond. The model turned 50 last year, and more than seven million trucks wearing the Tacoma badge have found homes in the time since. The model’s popularity shows no sign of letting up as it has remained America’s best-selling mid-size pickup for the past ten years.

With that in mind, you can see why we’ve made an exception to our UK-centric rule for the Tacoma, to bring you a round-up of the big, bold, brash, brazen and brilliant new model’s coolest features.


1. Crawl Control

Need to tackle a rocky road or slippery slope? The Tacoma has it covered with a Crawl Control system. Press a button on the console and the system allows the driver to select a speed of 1-5 mph and takes over the acceleration and braking, so that the driver can focus solely on steering.


2. GoPro® mount

Adventurers, this one’s for you. The new Tacoma is equipped as standard with a GoPro® mount beside the rear-view mirror so that you can record your heroic exploits on and off-road. All kinds of epic.


3. Multi-Terrain Select

Heading into the wilderness? Be sure to engage the Multi-Terrain Select system. Doing so appropriates the truck’s handling for different surfaces, regulating wheel spin and adjusting throttle and brake pressure to provide maximum traction. Rocks, mud, sand – whatever the terrain, Tacoma’s got it covered.


4. Styling inspired by desert racing

The 2016 Tacoma was designed by Toyota’s Californian design studio CALTY. Its lines take inspiration from the Dakar rally Hilux and are said to be penned around the premise of ‘Recreational action and athletic agility.’

This ethos is manifest in the new Tacoma’s massive wheel flares – the truck equivalent of bulging biceps – and a subtle integrated spoiler.


5. Advanced sound-proofing

Commercial vehicles, which the Tacoma would be classed as were it on sale in the UK, aren’t traditionally renowned for their refinement, but the Tacoma aims to break the mould.

Toyota engineers have installed a multi-layer acoustic windshield and sound-absorbing headliner, alongside a floor silencer pad.


  1. why can’t we buy in the uk at present i have a hilux but my son lives in canada and i want it !!!

  2. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for getting in touch. We love your enthusiasm for the Toyota Tacoma, but unfortunately we don’t have as bigger demand for this model as other countries. Keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for further updates. Thanks.

      1. Hi Mike,

        Thanks for getting in touch. The Tacoma is exclusive to the US market and therefore cannot be bought as a right hand drive.

        Hope this helps.

      2. Just import a LHD one Mike, driving LHD, is no problem in the UK, done it daily for 17 years in various US pickups.

  3. Hi Solomon,
    Thanks for getting in touch.
    The total sales for the Hilux, last year, were 3,638.

  4. with the ever increasing demand in the UK for bigger crewcab pickups in high specification for the work and leisure market isn’t it about time Toyota offered the Tacoma before Ford bring in the F150 Raptor to sit beside the Mustang and steal the march.

    1. Hi Andy,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Unfortunately the Tacoma is not available in the UK, and we don’t currently have any plans to make it so.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for your comment. Tacoma is not available in European markets at this time. Mainly due emissions regulations here. Saying that, we’re always looking to improve our product offering and have let the product team know of your request.


    2. Yeah, there are plenty of us that would.

      I’m guessing there’s no demand for it here, as it isn’t advertised here, and most buyers won’t even know it exists.

  5. I would buy a UK spec Tacoma in a heartbeat! With the reputation that Toyota trucks have, I’m sure you’d have no issues getting them off your hands

  6. Wish I could buy a right hand drive tacoma as ive got all other big toyotas just this one left. And I’m sure if tacoma comes they will sell.

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