11 must-see Toyota Corona images

One of the most popular blog posts surrounding our ongoing celebration of Toyota’s 50th anniversary in the UK market has been our road trip to the Netherlands in our heritage Toyota Corona.

The primary aim of the trip was the opportunity for Britain’s oldest Toyota to meet the world’s oldest Toyota. However the beautiful weather and photogenic nature of the Corona made the journey something of an event in itself – as witnessed by the stunning images we captured along the way. These images have been incredibly popular, so we decided to share 11 of our favourites photos in this special review.

Awesome Corona 01

1. Our anniversary road trip started from Toyota GB’s head office in Epsom, Surrey.

Awesome Corona 02

2. A few hours into the journey, the Corona and its passengers filled up with fuel.

Awesome Corona 03

3. Our 50-year-old Corona was the oldest car crossing the Channel that evening.

Awesome Corona 04

4. Corona’s frameless rear-view mirror is a feature copied in the current GT86.

Awesome Corona 05

5. UK’s first Toyota was the third-generation of Japan’s top-selling Corona model.

Awesome Corona 06

6. Vehicles over 40 years old are allowed to park in front of the Louwman Museum.

Awesome Corona 07

7. Rare opportunity for Britain’s oldest Toyota and world’s oldest Toyota to meet.

Awesome Corona 08

8. RT40 Toyota Corona was nicknamed ‘Shovel Nose’ due to the angle of its front.

Awesome Corona 10

9. Gentle belt line curvature was a feature known as ‘Japanese arrow line’ styling.

Awesome Corona 11

10. Corona’s streamlined silhouette was a result of extensive aerodynamic research.

Awesome Corona 12

11. With one horsepower for every 12.5kg, the Corona feels a spritely performer.

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  1. Isn’t this a RT40 Corona? This page says it’s an “RA40” Corona…. It’s the RT40 that is known as the “shovel nose Corona”
    …. Please update the page to reflect correct information.

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