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Toyota FT-1 concept rear

The Toyota FT-1 concept is Toyota’s Calty design studio’s vision of the ultimate sports car, and it is already being hailed as the symbol of Toyota’s design future. Indeed, the alpha designation ‘FT’ stands for Future Toyota.

The California-based team produced a car that embodies striking modern design. It also makes subtle visual references to Toyota’s sports car history, going back to the legendary 2000GT of 1967.

Toyota FT-1 rear static

The racecar-like exterior expresses powerful performance through its pronounced front wings and sharply contrasting lines as well as the large air intakes and exhaust ports, while the retractable rear wing points to its aerodynamic qualities.

Toyota FT-1 side

The FT-1’s front engine/rear-wheel drive configuration allows the cockpit to be set towards the rear of the car, creating classic sports car proportions while optimising weight distribution. The wraparound windscreen and side glass treatment are a clear nod to the design of the original Toyota 2000GT.

Inside, the ergonomics and cabin layout capitalise on the car’s low centre of gravity, maximising enjoyment for the driver. A delta-shaped display zone reinforces the feeling that the driver is at the heart of the action, fully connected to the car. This quality is enhanced by the Formula 1-style steering wheel and a colour head-up display that projects key information onto the windscreen, just above the wheel. The design pushes the A-pillars as far back as possible, to increase visibility when cornering.

Traditionally, Toyota’s design decisions have been driven by consensus among a large group of people. Yet for the FT-1 this process was streamlined as part of a company-wide movement to give Toyota products more energy and passion. This approach has been fundamental to the development of the FT-1, a concept that captures Toyota’s aim of creating cars that connect more deeply with customers on an emotional level and generate a more satisfying ownership experience.

Graphite Toyota FT-1

Yes, but only in the virtual world. The Toyota FT-1 concept car is a playable car in  Gran Turismo game.

Toyota FT-1 concept in Gran Turismo 6

The Toyota FT-1’s status as a show-stealer at the Detroit motor show in 2014 was confirmed by comments from the UK’s media.
Steve Fowler, editor-in-chief of Auto Express, put the FT-1 at the top of his list of best show cars in Detroit, describing it as the ‘undoubted star of the show’.

Jim Holder, editor of Autocar commented that it ‘embodies a sea change at Toyota’.

What Car? editor John McIlroy described the FT-1 as ‘a fabulous achievement.’

Richard Hammond in the Daily Mirror said the FT-1 is about ‘Toyota making cars that people will fall in love with’, while Top Gear colleague Paul Horrell described the concept car as a ‘serious, high-end sports car; beautiful, too.’

It wasn’t just the motoring press that reacted positively to the FT-1. Electrical product review site Pocket-Lint said the FT-1 was ‘definitely something to get excited about’, and technology site T3 hopes Toyota turns the concept ‘into a real car’.


  1. Wow, I just absolutely love this design!! It’s so beautifull

    Please please Toyota make this!

    I hope the engine will match the looks, hopefully over 400hp, or close to 500hp to match the GTR. Inline 6, V6 or V8 Turbo / twin turbo!!

  2. This looks amazing, really. The fact that it is a concept car is a bit disappointing though, since I can’t think of any incredible looking concepts that actually look anything like the final product.

    Just make it, we will buy it. Don’t fix what isn’t broken – it looks amazing.

    Also keep the HUD that would also be amazing.

  3. Put this car into production Toyota!!! Use the RC platform and put in a V6 TT and price it at $60k and undercut both the GT-R and NSX!

  4. Please make this car.

    4L inline 6, sequential turbos, and a real manual transmission and don’t drastically change the body, we all love the concept for a reason.

    I own 3 mk4 Supra tt’s, I want one of these as well, but it needs to be competitive with the GTR.

  5. High Revving I6, V6 or V8 with turbo but no lag, eventually some type of hybrid, but it must be very light, under 1300 kg and have more than 400 PS.

  6. I would like Toyota to bring production version of FT-1 to the market. I will in the line for the 2nd production year of FT-1.

  7. Please keep it as close to the concept design as possible… Very unique and eye catching design.. TT V6 much like the 2JZGTE… something priced competitively along side the IS-F and new RC coming out…

    1. the 2jzgte is an inline 6 not a V6. Inline motors have many advantages to V engines. An inline 6 cylinder features 7 main bearings as opposed to 4 main bearings that would be found on a V6. The ease of working on an inline motor and adapting turbo systems are my biggest reasons for I6 love. V engines with turbos get to be difficult and expensive to work on very quickly.

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