Toyota bZ4X Concept previews first in a series of battery electric vehicles

bZ4X Concept exterior

The Toyota bZ4X Concept, presented at the 2021 Shanghai Motor Show, previews the first in a series of zero-emission battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

The bZ4X, a medium-size SUV with all-wheel drive, is integral to Toyota’s transition from a pure car company to a business dedicated to delivering better mobility for all.

bZ4X Concept rear three-quarters

The ‘bZ’ is an abbreviation of ‘beyond Zero’, reinforcing Toyota’s commitment not only to achieving zero carbon emissions and carbon neutrality, but also going beyond to realise new benefits for the environment, for individuals and for society as a whole.

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The new Toyota bZ4X Concept has been developed by Toyota Motor Corporation in partnership with Subaru Corporation, drawing on the specific skills and experience of each company. Sales of the production version are expected to commence around the middle of 2022.

bZ4X Concept side profile

Introducing the Toyota bZ4X Concept

The Toyota bZ4X is more than just a means of transport. It is also a comfortable and connected space where people can enjoy spending time together on a journey.

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Chief Engineer Koji Toyoshima explains: “Our target customer is someone who places importance on time spent together with family and friends. When they want to enjoy such times, Toyota bZ4X Concept can serve as a hub for them.”

Exterior design combines dynamism and utility

The Toyota bZ4X Concept’s exterior design anticipates people’s high expectations of an electric vehicle driving experience that requires no compromises. Its overall form marries dynamism and utility: there is a high driving position characteristic of SUVs but the car still appears planted on the road. The bodywork presents sensuous surfaces, combined with precise and high-tech styling.

The front of the car – an instant point of recognition for any vehicle – dispenses with the familiar grille and instead features an arrangement of sensors, lights and aero elements in a distinctive ‘hammerhead’ form, generating a new attitude and road presence.

bZ4X Concept front

Toyota bZ4X Concept: spacious cabin and ‘drive module’

The Toyota bZ4X Concept is built on the new e-TNGA modular platform, developed specifically for electric vehicles. A long wheelbase and short overhangs help create a notably spacious and open cabin. In fact, rear leg room is similar to that of a large D-segment model.

The front cabin is designed around a ‘drive module’ which gives the driver a sense of direct connection to the road and to important information. The low-set instrument panel opens up panoramic visibility and emphasises the sense of space. Controls are grouped around the centre console, designed for easy recognition and operation. The digital driver’s instrument display is positioned above the steering wheel, so only minimal eye movement is required to register information.

bZ4X Concept cabin

Battery management a key to optimising driving range

The development programme has reaped the benefits of more than 20 years of Toyota’s leadership in vehicle electrification and the company’s brand-defining quality, durability and reliability. This has ensured the electric powertrain – motor, control unit and battery management system – deliver class-leading efficiency and a very competitive driving range.

The car’s environmental profile is further strengthened by an on-board solar charging system, which enhances the distance that can be covered. Thanks to Toyota’s extensive experience in developing battery technology for its hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid electric models, the larger, more powerful battery required for Toyota bZ4X Concept has been engineered for reliable, lasting performance, maintaining the car’s driving range, even in cold climates.

bZ4X Concept centre console

Toyota bZ4X: authentic all-wheel drive capability

The all-wheel drive system, delivered by electric motors on the front and rear axles, has been developed together with Subaru. The rich heritage and deep expertise of both Toyota and Subaru have been combined to deliver a best-in-class all-wheel drive capability that sets the Toyota bZ4X Concept apart in its segment. The system gives genuine off-road capability that also provides extra security and peace of mind for drivers in all on-road conditions.

Advanced steer-by-wire system

Toyota bZ4X Concept will be available with a world-first* combination of a steering yoke and a steer-by-wire system. This technology gives the driver greater control, removing interference from rough road surfaces and braking, and thus more precise response in line with the vehicle’s speed and steering angle.

bZ4X Concept drive module

Steer-by-wire also dispenses with the traditional, circular steering wheel, replacing it with a different shape ‘yoke’ control, so the driver no longer has to move their hands around the wheel as they make a turn, adding to the car’s fun-to-drive quality.

(*For a mass-production model; UK specs to be confirmed at a later date)


  1. I do hope the front end pf the production vehicle looks better than the concept car. To be honest I like Toyota cars and own a Yaris for my wife, but why are they so ugly?

      1. After a few months of concern regarding the bz4x I took delivery of my premier model (upgraded because the vehicle Toyota delivered was incorrect) in November. Perhaps I have the only one issued because I haven’t seen another one on the road yet, no TV advertising, very little information in this magazine. To me it appears that Toyota want to forget about it after the recall problems they had and the time and reticence that Toyota had in keeping dealers and buyers advised of their progress in resolving the issues.
        I ordered a front wheel drive because of the increased range, but the premier is all wheel drive with a lower 280 mile max range, but in the cold weather and the fact that charging is to 80% the maximum initial I have seen is 250 miles reduced considerably if you want some heating in the vehicle.
        I have a degree of range anxiety and I only want to visit my family 90 miles away from my home so will need to see what charging facilities there are. Perhaps I should have kept the hybrid RAV4 I bought whilst waiting for the bz4x?
        I just get the impression that Toyota don’t have their heart in the full electric vehicles, wanting to really push the hybrid vehicles only and must say that at the moment I am disappointed – disappointed that Toyota didn’t even apologise for the delays in delivery and the amendments made to the hubs look fairly onerous if you need to change a wheel.
        I cannot fault the dealers who did their best but they were not being told what was happening by Toyota and they ensured that I got a reasonable deal.
        The car is ok but I do not have the same excitement I have felt with new cars in the past, and could find faults with certain issues such as no rear windscreen wiper, no glove box, no lights on switches which makes it difficult at night, and the constant buzzer inside when reversing.
        As I sit here writing this Lexus are advertising their cars constantly – so what’s wrong with Toyota?

      2. Hi Grahame, thanks for your comment and your order of the bZ4X.

        Firstly, we would like to apologise for the delay in delivery of your order and the inconvenience this has caused.

        We can assure you that we are very proud of the bZ4X. However, this isn’t our only BEV offering and due to current lead time issues, focus has been placed on more readily available models. This may be why advertising is slightly toned down. Nevertheless, we are still always happy to chat about the bZ4X and answer any questions you may have. Our social media channels are the best places to have these conversations.

        In regards to your comment about range concerns, we highly value any customer feedback and are putting our utmost attention to the concern on the bZ4X range and consumption performance. Actual real-life range is a result of multiple factors. Next to battery capacity and battery recharging generated from deceleration while driving, also usage of the HVAC system, as well as external factors such as outside temperature will influence the energy consumption and available range. In case of bZ4X, the gross battery capacity is 71.4 kWh and we refrain from giving the net value which depends on the external conditions as explained before.

        The bZ4X is not equipped with a glove box in order to maximise passenger comfort and increase storage in the centre console. Additionally, the omission of a rear windscreen wiper is due to the aerodynamics of the car, which has been designed so that the wind will clean the glass itself.

        If you would like to discuss this further, we would recommend contacting our Customer Relations Team. You can find them here:


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