Safety and equipment features of the all-new Yaris

The all-new Yaris takes small car safety to an unprecedented level and has been equipped to be the safest model in its segment. Key strengths include a significant increase in body rigidity and a two-generation leap forward in Toyota Safety Sense systems. In addition, a number of new features are making their Toyota debut, reaffirming our commitment to ensuring the highest safety provisions are as widely available as possible.

Watch the video above as safety expert Tom Rycken, a manager at Toyota Europe, explains some of the challenges involved in making a small car a safe car.

Safety features

Building the all-new Yaris on the GA-B platform has increased the car’s torsional rigidity to a class-best standard. This added strength provides better impact absorption and helps to maintain the integrity of the passenger cabin in the event of a collision. But if an accident did occur, the Yaris is the first Toyota to be equipped with centre air bags. These are programmed to deploy in the event of a side impact to help prevent the driver and front seat passenger from colliding with each other.

The new Yaris is also equipped with some of the most advanced driver assistance systems. There are not only more features in its Toyota Safety Sense package than any other Toyota model, but more more electronic safety features than any other B-segment competitor. Some of the highlights of this package are listed below:

  • Pre-Collision System: this integrated camera and radar set-up can detect and warn the driver about pedestrians and cyclists in the path of the car
  • Intersection Turn Assistance: this system detects potential hazards approaching the car at junctions and can apply automatic emergency braking to avoid a potential collision
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: when activated, this maintains a safe distance from the preceding vehicle and will bring the Yaris to a halt if that vehicle stops
  • Lane Departure Alert with Steering Control and Lane Trace Assist: these systems warn the driver if they are veering off a safe path and can also be set to automatically centre the Yaris in its lane or follow the path of the vehicle ahead if road markings are undetectable
  • Emergency Steering Assist: this system provides additional steering torque if it is necessary for the driver to swerve to avoid a pedestrian or obstacle in the car’s traffic lane, yet it also supports the driver by maintaining vehicle stability
  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and Blind Spot Monitor: these systems detect potential impact hazards during reversing manoeuvres and will alert the driver to vehicles approaching from behind on the road
  • Intelligent Clearance Sonar with automatic braking: ultrasonic sensors at the rear of the car will detect an object that is about to be hit, and will automatically apply the brakes if the driver fails to react to audible warnings

Equipment features

The all-new Yaris is generously equipped and features specifications that are more commonly found in cars from the class above. For example, it is the only car in its class to offer the option of a ten-inch colour head-up display, which allows the driver to project key information such as vehicle speed, safety warnings, navigation support and multimedia information on to the base of the windscreen.

Wireless smartphone integration comes via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and it is possible to specify an eight-speaker JBL premium audio system and ambient blue cabin lighting. Connected services can also be reached using the MyT Toyota app.

UK model grades and their outline specifications are listed in the table below but standard features include Toyota Safety Sense, automatic headlights and wipers, reversing camera, electronic parking brake and smartphone integration.

Icon Toyota Safety Sense, 16-inch alloy wheels, smartphone integration, Toyota Touch 2 seven-inch multimedia display, reversing camera, automatic headlights and wipers, electronic parking brake, driver’s arm rest, automatic air conditioning, front power windows, power-adjustable and heated door mirrors, eCall N/A 
Design In addition to Icon: 16-inch machined-face alloy wheels, Toyota Touch 2 eight-inch multimedia display, binocular instrument display, LED headlights and rear lights, rear privacy glass, power rear windows, optional panoramic roof N/A 
Dynamic In addition to Design: 17-inch machined-face alloy wheels, front sport seats, black part-synthetic leather upholstery, smart entry and push-button start, dual-zone air conditioning, JBL premium eight-speaker sound system, optional bi-tone paint finish City Pack: front and rear parking sensors with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and auto-braking, auto-folding door mirrors, Blind Spot Monitor 
Excel In addition to Design: 17-inch machined-face alloy wheels, front sport seats, light-coloured part-synthetic leather upholstery, smart entry and push-button start, dual-zone air conditioning, six-speaker sound system, auto-folding door mirrors, Blind Spot Monitor, Intelligent Clearance Sonars with auto-braking, optional panoramic roof Tech Pack: eight-speaker JBL premium sound system with eight-channel amplifier, ten-inch full-colour head-up display, auto-dimming rear-view mirror 

A special Launch Edition (pictured) has also been created to introduce the all-new Yaris to the UK market. This model maximises the specification and is presented in a Tokyo Fusion bi-tone pearlescent paint finish. Click here to learn more and review the specifications.

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NB: Details were correct at the time and date of publication


  1. Hi, I own a Launch Edition Yaris and am generally very happy with the features on this top of the range model. However, I have been frustrated with the fact that the Automatic Sound Leveliser does not seem o work at all! I can toggle it on and off but there is no high, medium or low option and certainly, the volume does not change as the car increases speed. Is there a software upgrade for this fault?

    1. Hi David,
      We would recommend taking your vehicle to your nearest Toyota Centre.
      They will be able to physically inspect your vehicle and diagnose any potential faults.

  2. Can you retrofit parking sensors on 4th generation Yaris without affecting the nanufacturers warranty/ relax warranty? I’m looking for second hand Yaris Design and plan to add front and rear sensors. I don’t like the ride on the Excel/Dynami due to 17 inch wheels. Thanks

    1. Hi Munna,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We would recommend discussing this with your nearest Toyota Centre.

  3. Hi
    We have just purchased a launch edition yaris can you confirm if the rear cross traffic alert is standard on this version of the car please
    And any other rear facing tech

    1. Hi Ady,
      Congratulations on your new Launch Edition Yaris!
      Please provide the vehicle registration so we can look into this for you.

      1. Hi Ady,
        Your Yaris does not come with Rear Cross Traffic Alert.
        This is only in the optional City Pack for the Dynamic Grade.
        However, your Launch Edition still has a reversing camera.
        We hope this helps.

    1. Hi Ady,
      Thanks you for flagging this with us.
      This was a mistake on our side, the Launch Edition does not come with parking sensors (front and rear).
      We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused, please let us know if we can assist you further.

      1. Hi
        Thank you can you send me a link to the spec of the launch addition as i cant find it on line anymore
        Many thanks


      2. Hi
        The spec sheet also had tear cross traffic alert as a standard feature on the launch edition

        Whilst we have blind spot monitoring we do not have the rear cross traffic alert ?

        Is this also an error from toyota on the spec sheet of the launch edition


      3. Hi Ady,
        Your Yaris Launch Edition does not come with Rear Cross Traffic Alert, we can confirm this was an error in the brochure.
        This is only in the optional City Pack for the Dynamic Grade.

    1. Hi Janice,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The Yaris Excel comes with Front & Rear Parking Sensors. It does not come with built-in Satellite Navigation.
      However, the Yaris Excel does come with Smartphone Integration. This means that you can a maps application from your Apple or Android device.
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  4. Hello may I ask a question please about
    Toyota Yaris design, I didn’t realise the car has no sensors fitted, it is a motobility car
    Is there any possibility sensors can be fitted
    Thank you

  5. I recently purchased the Yaris cross hybrid.
    I have several observations.
    With the rear headrest in place I lose half of my rearview vision.
    I am concerned that when using cruise control the auto behind me is not aware that I am coming to a sudden stop.
    Also, the trunk is extremely difficult to close manually and there is no option to do it remote.
    Apart from those criticisms, I am ecstatic with the 2022 Yaris Cross Hybrid

    1. Hi Shira,
      Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback.
      We are always looking for ways to improve our product range, so we will pass this feedback onto our wider product team.

  6. hi

    i have ordered an excell yaris in feb and awaiting delivery in september 2022. i have ordered the tech pack with HUD. on website icant see any HUD in yaris option anymore. but i hope my car will have HUD as i ordered tech pacj with it when i ordered my yaris

    1. Hi Irhsad,
      Thanks for your order.
      Your Toyota Centre would be best placed to assist you with this query as they have details on your specific order.

    1. Hi Pat,
      Thanks for your question.
      Please could you provide your vehicle registration so that we can assist you with this query.

  7. I have just purchased a Yaris Design hybrid. I am very disappointed that it doesn’t have front & rear sensors fitted as I was originally told that I could have them which I am now informed was a mistake on the part of the salesman who has since left. Can these be fitted retrospectively? I have googled this & it appears that there are firms/ kits that are able to do this but I would prefer Toyota to do this as the manufacturer.

    1. Hi Sue,
      We are very sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your Yaris.
      Our recommendation would be to check if these can be fitted by your Toyota Centre.
      We hope this helps.

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