Accessories to protect your Toyota

Day-to-day driving can take its toll on your Toyota’s appearance. Muddy shoes, loading and unloading the boot and dirt on the road can all make your car appear scruffy inside and out. Fortunately there’s a range of Toyota accessories to help protect your car from damage and preserve its appearance.

Mats protect the carpet underneath from wear and tear. Choose from the soft feel and attractive appearance of carpet mats, or practical and easy to clean rubber. Either way, these mats are made specifically for your Toyota, so they’ll fit the floor of the car perfectly and won’t ride up under the pedals like some aftermarket mats.

Boot liners serve the same purpose for your Toyota’s luggage space. Tailored to fit exactly and to save the carpet beneath from dirt, liquid and general wear and tear, boot liners are a sensible choice if you have a dog or regularly take garden waste to be disposed of. Raised lips around the edge of the liners help prevent any water or liquid spilling over the edge. Toyota boot liners also have an anti-slip surface to stop luggage moving about, and can easily be removed for cleaning.

It’s easy to scratch the rear bumper when sliding heavy or awkward items in and out of the boot. Rear bumper protection is an inexpensive way of keeping your Toyota looking better for longer.

Scuff plates protect the paintwork on the inside of the doors from scratches, scrapes and dirt. They don’t just protect the car – their brushed aluminium appearance looks smart, too.

Door handles are vulnerable to scratching from rings. Toyota dealers can fit door handle protection film to save the handles from being marked.

Wet weather and dirty roads can quickly make a clean car dirty again, and grit on the road flicked up by the car’s tyres can chip paintwork. Your car will keep that ‘just washed’ look for longer if it’s fitted with a set of mud flaps. Like other Toyota accessories, these are tailored to fit your car precisely.

It only takes a moment’s inattention to knock a door when getting in and out of your Toyota. Side mouldings give an extra layer of protection against minor bumps, dents and scratches.

With such a comprehensive range of accessories to protect your Toyota, there’s no reason it should look as good as new for many years to come.

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  1. I M just about to buy a toyota aygo 2014 and been told I could get side mouldings to protect the sides of my car from other cars door openings.
    Could you send me costs and advice on how to fix them onto my car

    1. Hi Allan, thanks for your question.

      Please provide a Vehicle Registration so that we can look into this.


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