2016 Toyota Touch 2 with Go multimedia system

The upgraded 2016 Toyota Touch 2 with Go multimedia system offers significant new features over the outgoing version, including tile-based menu designs, improved functionality, and a simplified connection to the MyToyota customer portal.

Some of the key advantages are explained below.

Touch 2 with Go: naming and navigation

From the 2016 model year, the range of multimedia systems has been simplified to two options: Toyota Touch 2, and Toyota Touch 2 with Go.

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MM16 Touch 2 with Go 09

Vehicles with 2016 Toyota Touch 2 with Go as standard, or with Go selected as an option, now benefit from free annual map care updates for three years as well as three years of connected services. High-spec Excel grade models (excluding Yaris) include the extra functions of 3D maps, voice recognition, and text-to-speech within the navigation system.

MM16 Touch 2 with Go 07

Touch 2 with Go: new features

The 2016 Toyota Touch 2 with Go has 10 new features, accessed via a new tile-based menu design (see below) which offers greater clarity and improved operation. It also improves functionality by reducing the number of steps required to complete each operation.

MM16 Touch 2 with Go 01

The navigation menu and sub-menus have been simplified, and a new split-screen view allows users to see more functions at a glance, combining the navigation map with access to settings and app information (see below). In addition, the navigation screen can be customised so owners can create short-cut tile icons to frequently used operations.

MM16 Touch 2 with Go 02

One of the key new features is Auto-navigation (see below), a function that allows the driver to programme the navigation system with up to four regular destinations and a departure time window for each day of the week.

When the vehicle is switched on within that departure time the navigation automatically activates, plotting the most congestion-free route to the chosen destination on that particular day. In order to make this proposal, information is drawn from TomTom real-time traffic information.

MM16 Touch 2 with Go 04

Further navigation enhancements include the ability to check Street View images and what the weather is like at your destination. As you approach the destination, the system will also inform the driver of available parking spaces nearby.

MM16 Touch 2 with Go 03

Vehicles with built-in voice recognition now benefit from Siri eyes-free software, which delivers vocal control of Apple iPhone functions. The driver merely needs to press and hold the voice recognition button on the steering wheel to talk to Siri on his iPhone (Android version not available).

MM16 Touch 2 with Go 05

Touch 2 with Go: registering with MyToyota

The 2016 Toyota Touch 2 with Go software update now allows owners to establish a mobile data connection with the device and create a MyToyota customer account from inside the car, thereby avoiding any difficulties programming the unit’s individual ID number.

MM16 Touch 2 with Go 06

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After pressing the [SETUP] button the device will take you through a straightforward step-by-step process to create the account. The setup menu also includes a ‘Let’s Get Started’ QR code which will open an online quick start guide on the user’s mobile device. Alternatively, these processes can be seen by visiting my.toyota.eu/getstarted

Touch 2 with Go: When will each model get it?

The new 2016 Toyota Touch 2 with Go began to be installed in cars produced from 1 January 2016 and will be installed in all current models produced from 1 June. Brand new models such as the Toyota C-HR will have this latest generation system from the start of production.

The table below shows the introduction schedule of Touch 2 with Go during the manufacture of each current production model in 2016.

Land Cruiser

NB: Aygo uses an alternative multimedia system

Learn more: Official Toyota Touch 2 page

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  1. Hi. I have just purchased a 2018 CHR Hybrid icon. Most expensive car I’ve bought only to discover I have big media unit that doesn’t do very much. It’s not a navigation unit but was led to believe it would have CarPlay or mirroring which would mean I could use navigation from phone. None of it works! I can’t read texts or emails. I can’t activate Siri from the car screen .. only able to activate on phone (tried using hang up button). No voice recognition either. Is this right? Is there something I can do to be able to use more functions? Please help 😏

    1. Hi Mandy,

      Congratulations on your new car. We have a dedicated multimedia team here to help you. Please call them on 0344 701 6202 for assistance.


  2. Hi. My radio connection doesn’t work properly. I can not for example read the messages. Reg is FA16SHJ

  3. Reg. No WJ64SZO

    When we bought this car from the dealership in December 2017 we upgraded the media system from radio/cd to Sat.Nav Touch 2 with Go, at a cost of £900.
    I have just discovered that there is an offer of free upgrades for this system for 3 years, something the dealership has never mentioned to me.
    How can I get this free upgrade?

  4. Hi Malcom,
    Thanks for getting in touch with us.
    We would recommend contacting the Toyota centre from which you bought your vehicle to discuss this further.
    This offer was vehicle dependent, and therefore the centre will be able to confirm whether or not your specific vehicle was eligible.

  5. I may need to partially modify my previous question as we perhaps have been sold a Touch and Go system (In December 2017??)
    However my internet research tells me that I should be entitled to 3 years map care with this system, Is this the case?

  6. Hi Malcom,
    Thanks for getting back in touch.
    As mentioned in our reply to your previous question, we would recommend contacting the Toyota centre from which you bought your vehicle to discuss this further.
    This is due to the offer being vehicle dependent, meaning that the centre will be able to confirm for you whether or not your specific vehicle was eligible.

  7. Hi I have a 2015 Business with a Touch 2 with Go multimedia system MM13 can this be updated to allow android auto or do I need to replace head unit I have seen this The software update that enables Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support on select Toyota models is finally ready, and it has reached the web on several forums. Or would I be best purchasing an aftermarket android unit.

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Only systems with MM17 are eligible for the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto retrofit.
      For your vehicle, the only solution would be to have an aftermarket upgrade to your head unit.

    1. Hi Biju,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us. We hope you’re loving your C-HR!
      Here is a link to one of our blog posts regarding how to update your maps, and we hope this will be helpful: https://mag.toyota.co.uk/toyota-touch-2-how-to-update-your-maps-and-software
      If you have any difficulties, we would recommend contacting either your nearest Toyota centre or our multimedia team for further help.
      You can find your nearest centre, here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/forms-v2/forms?tab=pane-dealer
      Or contact our multimedia team, here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/help-centre/#/iframe/https%3A%2F%2Fforms.toyota.co.uk%2Fcontact-us

  8. Are Toyota ever going to implement 3D north orientation for roundabouts to their SATNAV?

    With all other SATNAVS when you enter a roundabout the map rotates around the car keeping the orientation always north, but on Toyota’s system the car orientation rotates and the roundabout stays fixed making it very difficult to know what exit you are supposed to take.

    I’m thinking of changing my current Yaris for a new Yaris, but if this hasn’t been fixed then I’ll look elsewhere for my next car purchase.

    1. Hi R Dodger,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      The all-new Yaris does not come with a Sat-Nav, but it does include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, meaning that maps can be used directly from your phone.

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