Win tickets for T4 on the Beach with Toyota


Where else will you be able see the likes of Taio Cruz, The Wanted, Maverick Sabre, Rizzle Kicks, DJ Fresh, Professor Green, Wretch 32, Stooshe, Lawson, Marina & The Diamonds, Alexandra Burke, Conor Maynard, Tulisa, Rita Ora, Little Mix, Labrinth, Dappy and Cover Drive, this summer?

Well luckily for you they will all be in Weston-Super-Mare on the 1st July for the 10th anniversary of T4 on the Beach.   What’s more you could be with them, right at the front in the golden circle with a friend, all thanks to Toyota.

All you have to do to win this fantastic prize is tell us the following:  Where would you take your favourite T4 on the Beach performer in a Toyota Aygo and why?

The five lucky winners who’ll receive a pair of tickets each will be picked by our judges, and if your idea is one of the funniest, most original or cleverest, you could be going to Weston-Super-Mare on the 1st July.

To enter, click on the button or post your answer below in the comments section. Don’t forget to leave your email address.

Terms and conditions can be found here and the judges decision is final, competition prize is tickets only.  We have the right to moderate and remove any answers that are deemed inappropriate or offensive.  The competition will end on the 18th June and winners will be contacted by email soon after.  This competition is run by Toyota and is not administered by Channel 4.


  1. I would take the wanted out for the day because I love them so much! I would start of by taking max to see a football match (man city) because he looooves football! I would them take jay to buy loads of skittles so he can fill his skittles draw up even more, and I’d take him to buy a new friend for his lizard neytiri! Id take Nathan to see man united play and to see ice age due to being the real life version of sid the sloth and I’d take him to his house to see his sister Jessica who he loves and his dog harry and snake Charlie:) id then take siva to a star wars shop and buy him loads of star wars merchandise including another lightsaber because of his love for star wars. And then I would take Tom to see oasis in concert because he loves oasis and then take him somewhere were he can get soooooo drunk;) and then do end of the day id take them to my house and make them perform a concert in my living room:3 oh how I wish that could be true:’)

  2. Hi, here’s my entry for the T4 on the Beach competition, I hope you like it!

    If I could take one of the T4 on the Beach stars to anywhere I wanted in a Toyota Aygo, I would take Little Mix to the beach! I would choose to take Little Mix as they are my idols, and we would have so much fun on a girly day out! I would choose to go to the beach as we could drive there in the morning in a Toyota Aygo, which is an amazing car, then start off the day by sunbathing and reading magazines, then we would go for a swim in the sea and maybe go surfing or body boarding! We would then go to get an ice cream each and then make sandcastles and play some beach volleyball! We’d then drive in the Toyota Aygo to a chip shop, where we’d get some delicious fish and chips and then finally drive back to our hotel and get an early night ready for Little Mix performing at T4 on the Beach the next day! I think this would be the best day ever!

    I hope you pick me, it would be my dream to see my idols live, Little Mix have inspired me so much, and they’ve cheered me up when I’m feeling down!

    Thank you for taking the time to read my entry,

    Harriet. x

  3. If I could take any act from T4 on the Beach to a place of my choice in a Toyota Aygo, I would take Tulisa on a shopping spree! I think it would be great, as Tulisa has great fashion sense, and we would go around the shops and she could help me pick amazing outfits! When we got hungry, we could go to a cake shop and buy a muffin each, because I’m Tulisa’s Little Muffin!;) My favourite shop is Matalan, and Tulisa gets a lot of her clothes from there too, so I think we’d spend a long time in there and SHOP TILL WE DROP!

  4. I would take Little Mix out for a whole day of shopping!
    I would take Jade to a biscuit factory, then to a shop that sells only braces and bows (only Little Mixers would understand!) as her favourite things are braces, bows and biscuits (the 3 B’s)!
    Then I’d drive Jesy to a shoe shop so she could buy some high-tops and Doc Martens as those are her favourite shoes and she has SWAG!
    I’d take Leigh-Anne to a pet shop because she loves her dog Harvey and she could buy him some dog treats, toys and more for him!
    Lastly, I would take Perrie to a shop which sells all things boho and hippy! Flower hair bands, peace sign tops and flower earring would all be on our list of things to buy there because Perrie is Boho Mix and she just ADORES her hippy style items of clothing!
    We would tghen get some dinner at Pizza Hut because Leigh-Anne used to work there!

    As you can tell, Little Mix are my favourite group, but they are more than that. They are my idols, my role models and I love them with all my heart! 😀

  5. I would take Rizzle Kicks to see my mum in the Toyota Aygo both my mum and the car are fabulous! <3

  6. been as my brother missin out on a chance to go to t4 i would drive dj fresh to his 16th birthday party because
    dj fresh will have THE POWER and be the man of the hour
    his HOT RIGHT NOW who knows how to party ? he knows how
    all will be buzzing as things get LOUDER my brother couldn’t be any prouder
    whats that playing its GOLD DUST its one of then you gotta dance you must !
    the only one who has HEAVYWEIGHT beats to make sure everyone rises on there feet
    so MOVING FORWARDS onwards and upwards i GOT THE FEELING
    from toyota and there meanings

  7. I would take Rizzle Kicks in the Toyota Aygo to meet my sister beacuse i love her lots and she loves them and i would love to see her face when she met them 😀

  8. I’d have to take Labrinth to the maze at Wookey Hole, drop the Wanted off at a Dartmoor Prison, take Professor Green back to Bristol University and Rizzle Kicks for a game of football. It’s a good job it’s such a nippy and economical car to do all that driving.

  9. I’d treat Professor Green with reverence, taking him for a fantastic meal in an intimate dining room, with Candlesticks on the table and maybe he’d get a Clue!

  10. well, as my little sister LOVES ‘the wanted’ and unfortunately in hospital at the moment, i would take the wanted to see her! I would also drive Tulisa somewhere hot, Me and Conor Maynard could have a epic road trip, blasting out music and listening to ‘houston, i think we have a problem’ while labrinth, rizzle kicks and dappy are following behind in their toyoto agyo!

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