What’s free and extends your car’s warranty? The Toyota Hybrid Health Check

‘Free’ is good. ‘Free’ puts a smile on your face. With a Toyota Hybrid Health Check, ‘free’ means extending the warranty on your Toyota hybrid’s battery without paying a penny.

When it comes to hybrids, we really know our stuff. Eight out of ten hybrids worldwide are Toyotas – that’s more than six million cars. So we’re confident in the technology. That’s why every hybrid drivetrain comes with a five-year, 100,000-mile warranty, and the cover doesn’t have to stop there.

Just book your car for a Hybrid Health Check to extend the battery warranty by a year and 10,000 miles until the car has been on the road for 11 years. There’s no charge for the Health Check so long as it’s carried out as part of any Hybrid Service. If a service isn’t due you can still benefit from a Hybrid Health Check for £39.

A Hybrid Health Check is the best way to ensure your hybrid keeps working reliably for year after year. The skilled technicians in our Toyota Centres can spot any issues early and respond before a bigger problem develops. It’s specialist knowledge that you would struggle to find anywhere other than a Toyota dealership.

Every Hybrid Health Check involves a thorough assessment of the whole Hybrid Synergy Drive system. You’ll then be given a written report which explains the health of your hybrid in straightforward, plain English. A technician will talk you through what they’ve found so you can make an informed decision if any work is needed.

So, the Hybrid Health Check needn’t cost a penny, extends your battery warranty, and identifies possible issues before they develop. There’s nothing better than getting something for nothing, is there?

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  1. This article is misleading at best as nothing is FREE
    Book a service & get a hybrid check- ‘FREE’ So this means that it isnt part of the annual service ? and is a extra charge which we will do for FREE just for you on our Hybrid cars ???
    Also if I choose another garage to service my car your Hybrid check is at least £39.?
    Thats not what our salesman told us he said ” Fetch your car in yearly and we get a free Hybrid & battery check and this covers us for extra years on the batteries ”
    No mention of “only if you use aToyota dealer to do the yearly service”
    Or “there will be a charge if you dont use us to service your car”

    1. Hi Tony,
      We’re very sorry to hear of the issues you’re facing. Have you spoken to anyone in our customer relations department? If you would like to voice your complaints to them, we can take note of your email and get someone to contact you? Many thanks.

  2. The Vehicle Health Check Lists ” Customer Top Up In Vehicle ” .. What Does This Really Mean ?. also lists :-
    Customer Declined Work Followed by Emergency OIL Top Up Available.

    1. Hi Patrick,
      Have you spoken to your local Toyota Centre about this? They should be able to advise.

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