We’ll be bringing you a Christmas Vine every day of advent with the help of the #ToyotaElf

Ho ho ho! It’s December, and we’ve hired a #ToyotaElf to help usher in the festive cheer. Each day of advent we’ll be bringing you a merry Vine featuring our cute and cheeky Christmas elf up to mischief in and around Toyota GB HQ and our cars.

Follow them all right here on the Toyota blog or on Twitter using #ToyotaElf and don’t forget to share with your friends!

December 1 – #ToyotaElf starts planning her Christmas list

December 2 – #ToyotaElf space hops round an Aygo December 3 – #ToyotaElf takes a nap in a Verso

December 4 – Christmas driving tip: always check for a #ToyotaElf when reversing

December 5 – Elfing around with a Yaris Hybrid #ToyotaElf

December 6 – RAV4: engine powered by 2.0l petrol, 2.0 or 2.2l diesel. Auto boot powered by #ToyotaElf magic!

December 7 – #ToyotaElf : the perfect pick-up pick me up for Hilux!

December 8 – The perfect Christmas song is at your fingertips with the RAV4’s steering wheel audio controls. #ToyotaElf

December 9 – #ToyotaElf adds a festive flourish to the Aygo

December 10 – #ToyotaElf gets ‘elf and safety’ conscious

December 11 – #ToyotaElf disturbs the peace

December 12 – #ToyotaElf learns her food limits

December 13 – #ToyotaElf will never get ‘tyred’ of Christmas

December 14 – #ToyotaElf appears closer in the mirror

December 15 – Christmas is getting #ToyotaElf all revved-up

December 16 – #ToyotaElf can’t decide which colour Aygo she prefers

December 17 – #ToyotaElf performs a teleportation act in a Verso

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December 18 – #ToyotaElf plays lookout

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December 19 – #ToyotaELF unwraps her presents a little early…

December 20 – #ToyotaELF wishes for snow

December 21 – #ToyotaElf’s present haul grows

December 22 – #ToyotaElf gives Santa a ring

December 23 – #ToyotaElf will be home for Christmas

December 24 – Getting set for the big day? #ToyotaElf is!

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