Toyota Yaris – Touch 2 Multimedia

Bringing technology to your fingertips, the Touch 2 multimedia system in the new Toyota Yaris lets you easily connect your mobile devices to the car’s entertainment system.

Let tech-fan Irene show you around Touch 2 in this short film:

Fitted as standard on Icon, Sport and Excel models, the Touch 2 system lets you choose the handiest way to connect your phone or tablet, be that by wireless Bluetooth connection or by means of a wired connection to the onboard USB socket. The USB socket will also accept USB drives, so you could load one with your favourite music, plug it in and forget about it!

As the name suggests, the Touch 2 system uses a touchscreen interface, but we’d prefer you to keep your hands on the wheel while you’re driving, so the Yaris is fitted with steering wheel controls too.

You’ll quickly become familiar with the Touch 2 system, and once your phone is paired, safely making a phone call while on the go is no more than a few button presses away. You can stream music from your smartphone, or take advantage of Touch 2’s DAB digital radio to listen in crystal-clear CD-quality audio to one of the hundreds of mainstream and specialist radio stations available.

Touch 2 serves as the central hub for other functions like climate control, interior lighting and door-locking settings, as well as giving you a clear view behind from the Yaris’ reversing camera.

Learn more about the Touch 2 system in our series of ‘how to’ articles, or give it a whirl on a test drive – leave a comment below and we’ll arrange for you to experience the Yaris for yourself. For more information, visit the designated section of the Toyota UK website.

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  1. Hi there, I have just taken delivery of a new Yaris Hybrid Sport with Touch 2 without Go, my previous Yaris Hybrid had the Touch 1 without Go and when music is played from a usb stick it will not display album art without having the go part of entertainment system installed, is this still the case with Touch 2…many thanks..

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Thank you for your post. We have spoken with our technical department and they have advised that a USB device will not show album artwork. Hope this helps clarify and if you have any other questions please let us know.

  2. Our DAB radio displays the wrong info when tuned to certain stations I.E.: on Radio 6 the display will read ‘now on Capitol…’

  3. Is there a maximum size of USB stick and will it play WAV files or just MP3s?
    Awaiting delivery of Yaris Icon Tech

    1. Hi Ian,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We only support the FAT32 file system, which limits the maximum device size to 32GB. WAV is not supported.

      We hope this helps.

      1. Thanks, one other question, does it have a random play function, and if so is that within folder and/or overall random tracks?

      2. It would be within selection – the Touch 2 unit will read tags that are stored in the music files and sort them by artist and album, and you can set any of these to play.

        If you are listening to an album, for example, and select ‘Random’/’Shuffle’, it would play between the tracks in that album.

        We hope this helps.

  4. Does anybody know how to connect a cd player/reader with or without Bluetooth to the Yaris 2017 touch two go media system

  5. I would also like to know if it is possible to use a cd player with a toyota touch 2 with go system please

    1. Hi Jason,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      We’re not quite sure we understand what you are asking. If your vehicle has a CD player, then it will be able to play CDs.

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