Toyota Yaris – Smart Entry and Keyless Go

The new Toyota Yaris is the perfect partner for your busy life, with Smart Entry and Keyless Go making it quicker and easier to simply jump in and get going.

Forget rummaging around in your bag, or checking every pocket on your person – simply choose the Smart Pack when buying the Yaris Excel and away you go. It’s the smart thing to do, as our short film demonstrates:

Smart Entry and Keyless Go allows you to keep the key safe in your bag or pocket, as the car will automatically detect the key’s presence and unlock when you pull the door handle.

From there, a simple press of the ‘Power’ button will start the car and you can easily drive away. And when you reach your destination, close the door and briefly touch the lock sensor on the door handle to lock the Yaris.

The system even works with the rear hatch – simply press the main button to unlock the door, and a smaller lock button to lock it.

Toyota’s Smart Entry and Keyless Go system is just another example of how the compact Yaris is the ideal car for the modern motorist. For more information on the new Toyota Yaris, visit the Toyota UK website or explore more features of the Yaris below.

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  1. As a lone female, is there any way of locking my Yaris whilst inside (and keys obviously with me) when in stopped unsafe areas? 13 plate, smart key.

    1. Hi there,
      There should be a door lock switch next to your window controls on the driver side door which allows you to lock the vehicle from the inside.
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

  2. Hi my Mr’s has 2012 Toyota yaris keyless entry and push button start. She lost one of the key’s but has the spare. Got hold of our local dealer they want £372,74p for a replacement. Surely this can’t be a correct price ??

    1. Hi Andrew,
      Keyless entry keys can contain a sender, receiver, the physical key itself and other parts.
      Most importantly, it contains the coding that lets the key only communicate with your car.
      The reprogramming process as well as any additional parts costs money, as strict control is needed over codes. Like other manufacturers, Toyota must comply with regional standards.
      Please let us know if you have any further questions.

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