Toyota Yaris – Practicality and Space

For decades, mankind’s fascination with space has continued unabated. And in an increasingly crowded world, it’s natural that we want to carve out our own little space right here on terra firma. With the new Yaris, you’ve got exactly that – and even more of it than ever before!

Let us show you with the help of Evie, our resident astronaut (in training…):

The new Yaris is a compact car with bags of space and plenty of handy ways to help you make the most of it. For starters, the passenger compartment is roomier, so as soon as you climb in it will feel more spacious.

Getting comfortable behind the wheel is a cinch too, as all Yaris models offer a fully adjustable driver’s seat to get you sitting just right. As Evie demonstrates in the film, the steering wheel is adjustable for reach (forward and back) and rake (up and down) for maximum comfort.

Because you can never have enough space to stow the various accoutrements of modern life, Toyota’s designers have equipped the Yaris with a host of storage solutions to make the best use of the space inside. Bottle and cupholders are available for front and rear seat passengers, along with plenty of pockets, cubbies and the faithful glove box.

The expanse of space continues when you open the boot – 286 litres of space can easily hold the week’s shopping, and it enlarges to 768 litres with a quick fold of the rear seats.

So keep your feet on the ground and instead explore space by trying the new Yaris at your local Toyota dealer, or find out more at the Toyota UK website.

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