Toyota Yaris – Parking Assist

Driving’s great, but parking’s not so much fun. Whether it’s parallel parking on the street or trying to neatly slot into a car park space, none of us get it right all the time. With waiting traffic piling on the pressure, a smooth parking manoeuvre quickly descends into an embarrassing shuffle-fest. If only there were an easier way…

In the new Toyota Yaris, there is an easier way – it’s called Parking Assist. We’ll explain a little more below, but for now, let’s see how Ned fares without:

Poor Ned – if only he’d known! Parking Assist is available as part of the Protection Pack that can be optionally specified on Yaris Icon, Sport and Excel models. It supplements the reversing camera function of the Yaris’ Touch 2 infotainment system with front and rear parking sensors.

Combining the two technologies means that the driver gets both audible and visual indicators of what is around the vehicle, making it so much easier to manoeuvre into a parking space without any outside assistance like Ned endured.

And as well as making your life easier when you’re out and about in the new Yaris, Parking Assist plays a valuable role in improving safety and preventing bumps. The parking sensors will detect objects that may be unseen to the driver, so if a child has just dashed behind your car while your concentration was elsewhere, Parking Assist will warn you. And if you’ve ever had a bollard jump in the way of your car, then it’ll catch those too!

Head down to your local Toyota dealer to try out the new Yaris with Parking Assist and you’ll be parking like a pro in no time. For more information on the new Toyota Yaris, head over to the designated section of the Toyota UK website.

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  1. Hi,
    I have Toyota Auris 1.8 Hybrid 2017 reg.
    Would it be possible to add Intelligent Parking Assist?
    Thank you.

  2. I appear to have been charged the price for front and rear pack but only got the front sensors! £499 charged is this right? Brand new 20 plate Excel model Yaris

    1. Hi Laura,

      Thanks for getting in touch. As you will be able to see on our website, the front and rear parking sensors are listed as £499. In this case, if rear sensors haven’t been installed we would recommend re-contacting your dealer to discuss this further.

      If you are unhappy with your experience with your dealer, we would recommend contacting our customer relations team, here:


  3. Have just purchased a new 2020 yaris Icon 1.5 automatic with additional front/rear sensors added at £499. I have always driven Nissan with sensors so I thought the workings would be the same. When i approach an object either in D (forward) or R( reverse) the sensors start to beep and continue even when the car stopped and put into P and only stop when ignition turned off. On starting the engine, the beepers start again before engaging any gear. Is this correct?

    1. Hi Jane,

      Thanks for getting in touch. In this case, there are two ways we could help.

      On the one hand you could re-contact your Toyota centre to have them explain the features and functions to you, as it seems this may not have been the case when you picked it up. You should be able to find their contact details, here:

      Alternatively, if you would like to provide us with the reg or VIN, we can look into this further with our technical team.


      1. Hi no is GU20 NYP… The salesman was unable to explain precise working detaills as when I collected car, only certain lockdown restrictions had been lifted. He was unable to get in car with me. I have looked in my handbook and the full downloaded version , but the parking sensors are not detailed anywhere! If you are unable to help then i will have to contact dealer. If you can then lease let me know.
        Many thanks. Jane Morgan

      2. Hi Jane,

        Thanks for getting back to us and for your patience while we looked into this with our technical team. There is a little bit of conflicting information as to which kit your vehicle is fitted with, but we believe the operation is correct as long as the green LED on the dashboard is lit.

        We are sorry for the lack of clarity from our answer and in this case we would recommend contacting your dealer to discuss this further:


      3. Hello,
        Are the parking sensors installed on Jane’s car the genuine ones?
        What I need to know is: if I buy a new model (Yaris 2020) without the Clearance Sonar Parking sensor system and want to install the genuine one (found on the highest models), would that work?
        I have the proper experience and knowledge to construct the wire harness, so it’s just the question if that system would work once installed (order the genuine ECU, buzzer, 8 sensors and some wire harness for front and real bumper).

      4. Hi Dorin,
        Thanks for your comment.
        We cannot give out any information about other customers’ cars.
        Similarly, we cannot guarantee that any aftermarket modifications not carried out by a Toyota centre will work.
        We would always recommend having parking sensors and other modifications installed at a Toyota centre if possible as our mechanics are experts in our cars.
        Also, if a fault occurs due to this modification, we cannot guarantee it will be covered by warranty due to it not being as a result of a manufacturing defect.
        You can find your nearest centre, here:

  4. Can parking sensors be fitted to Yaris Y20 model? The feature specification says it can not have parking sensors. Not sure why.

    Also, do you have a video of how the parking sensor work? I searched online but could not find a video for it.

  5. Yaris CU17 OUD
    Can this have Parking Assist fitted, what is the list price if so and how does it differ from the Protection Pack?

    Thank you.

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