Toyota Yaris Hybrid: First images ahead of Geneva motor show debut


It’s been nearly a year since we revealed the Yaris Hybrid concept at the 2011 Geneva motor show. The ten months that followed were some of the most exciting in Yaris’ history, from the launch of a brand new generation of the super-smart supermini to the two-millionth Yaris in Europe rolling off the production line.

But now, Yaris comes of age. Here we reveal the first pictures of Toyota’s newest – and smallest – hybrid ahead of its public debut at the 2012 Geneva motor show in March.

Yaris Hybrid brings together the ingenious packaging and agile handling of Yaris with the high efficiency and refined driving experience of Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive powertrain in the first full hybrid supermini to be sold in Europe. Built at Toyota’s Valenciennes plant alongside the rest of the Yaris range, Yaris Hybrid follows the launch of Auris Hybrid in 2010 as the second core Toyota model to feature full hybrid technology (after Prius).

New Toyota Yaris Hybrid

As the new flagship of the Yaris range, it shares the same new-design “face” of Toyota as its conventionally powered sister models, but places priority on aerodynamic efficiency.

Toyota has downsized its Hybrid Synergy Drive for Yaris, combining a new 1.5-litre petrol engine with a more compact electric motor, transaxle, inverter and battery pack. The result is a system that is 20 per cent lighter than that used in Auris Hybrid.

Thanks to all the key HSD components being reduced in size, and the location of the fuel tank and hybrid battery under the rear seat, Yaris Hybrid offers the same occupant space and 286-litre luggage capacity as conventional petrol and diesel Yaris models.

New Toyota Yaris Hybrid interior

The highly efficient 98bhp (74kW) powertrain will deliver a segment-leading balance of performance and CO2 emissions. Drivers will also be able to make use of drive modes that create zero NOx, particulate and CO2 tailpipe emissions.

Automatic air conditioning and e-CVT automatic transmission are fitted as standard, signalling that customers do not have to compromise on comfort in order to achieve low emissions performance.

Further details about Yaris Hybrid will be revealed closer to the launch date.

Update, 06 February 2012: new images added of the compact Hybrid Synergy Drive system – to view our Yaris Hybrid online photo gallery, click here.


  1. Auto Express (7Feb2012) are now quoting “The Yaris Hybrid will deliver a claimed 80mpg and 104g/km”.

    Is that CO2 figure correct?

  2. Hi ColinH,
    Thanks for the question. The article was in fact incorrect and has since been updated. Please head to for the revised edition. We have yet to publish the official figures so do keep an eye out on the blog page for further details, once released. Many thanks.

  3. Hi! Just have a few questions about the Yaris Hybrid:

    1. What’s the officical launch date? (I’ve read somewhere that it’s going to be June, is that correct?)

    2. What’s the price range?

    3. If I were to order one in June, what would the delivery date be?

    4. Would there be any speical promotion / offer at the launch date?

    5. Are these exterior / interior photos shown here accurate or are they just prototypes?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Helen

      Thanks for your questions, we’re happy to tell you that the photos on the blog are of the production model and the new Yaris Hybrid will be released in June. You can pre-order from your local Centre now (click here to find your nearest Centre:, any offers and promotions will be confirmed nearer launch. We will update the blog as soon as we have more information.

      Thanks again for getting in touch.

  4. Hi…

    I’m so impressed with the model of new yaris hybrid. I thought this is the car I’m looking for a long time. The most interesting part is rear side-view camera. That’s the biggest innovation that makes me so impressed. Is that possible for me to order the new one with rear side-view camera installed to replace the conventional side mirrors?

    In a simple word, can I order the one that 100% same as the model that displayed in most website such as side view camera, blue light on door handles, fog lamps, etc.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Dede

      The Yaris Hybrid you’re referring to is the concept model, and unfortunately is not available with rear side-view cameras and the blue lights on the door handles. For all the details of the current model which you be able to buy, take a look at the product page here,

    1. Hi Helen

      Thanks for getting in touch, the Yaris Hybrid which is available in the UK will not include the panoramic roof, apologies about the confusion with the pictures, they show a European model.

  5. Eversince the Toyota Yaris has been revealed I really thought that its somewhat similar wit the Toyota Vitz. Well, good thing that Toyota has made it more appealing and powerful.

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