Toyota Yaris – Daytime Running Lights

People go to all kinds of lengths to be seen, but you don’t have to try too hard when you’re behind the wheel of the eye-catching Toyota Yaris thanks to its ultra-bright daytime running lights.

Available on most new Yaris models, Toyota’s daytime running lights (DRL) use LED technology which is both brighter than conventional lights and uses less energy too. You don’t even have to remember to switch them on or off – they’ll operate automatically every time you drive the car.

Here’s a light-hearted (pun intended) look at the Yaris’ DRLs in action!

Being a little more serious for a moment, official studies (PDF) have shown that having daytime running lights on your car contributes to your safety and that of other road users and pedestrians. If people can see clearly you, then there’s less likelihood of an accident, which we’d really rather didn’t happen.

It’s part of Toyota’s ongoing commitment to safety – also illustrated by the introduction of Toyota Safety Sense on Yaris – and one of the many ways we try to look after our customers.

The stylish new Yaris is always going to turn heads, but for that extra wow factor and some added protection, daytime running lights are the way to go. They’re an optional extra on Yaris Icon models, and fitted as standard on Sport and Excel grades.

For more reasons why the Yaris is for you, see our other posts below or head to the Yaris section of the Toyota UK website. And if you’d like to be seen for all the right reasons, we can arrange a test drive at your local Toyota dealer – leave a comment at the end of this post and we’ll be in touch!

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  1. Hello.Ive just purchased a 2014/15 Toyota yaris,nice car but terrable headlights. The bulbs are HIR2 is there a straight forward replcement bulb or headlamp to improve a very poor lighting system. I would appreciate your comment

    1. I bought a set of these @ £56 from my Toyota dealer…they are a great improvement..
      Part number T90981-YZZDN. UK cost approx £60 including VAT for a pair. Available to order from Parts King (send pm and include your model details – as a minimum) or from your Toyota dealer.

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