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Toyota Yaris Hybrid Icon


Better even than the Bank of England’s historic low rates, Toyota is offering a new zero per cent APR (representative) promotion on new Yaris, together with attractive service packages and deposit contributions.

The high value offer means a new Toyota Yaris Icon can be had from just £139 per month, a car that comes with a host of premium features, including projector headlights, the Toyota Touch 2 touchscreen multimedia system, reversing camera, Bluetooth and 15-inch alloy wheels.

Up to two years’ free servicing is all part of the deal, and the car – like all new Toyota models – comes with a five-year Toyota warranty.

The smooth, sophisticated performance of Toyota’s hybrid system, together with the benefits of low CO2 emissions (being less than 100g/km means there’s no annual road tax to pay) and excellent fuel economy, are on offer in Yaris Hybrid Excel. The zero per cent offer means the hyper-efficient hatch can be had for a monthly charge starting at £169.

As well its clever and ultra-reliable powertrain, the Excel model’s top-of-the-range specification includes 16-inch alloys, push-button start, climate control, cruise control and LED daytime running lights. Once again, customers enjoy the added bonus of free servicing at a Toyota centre for up to two years.

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The new offers apply to retail sales, financed through Toyota Financial Services using an Access Toyota purchase plan. Vehicles must be registered and financed by 15 December. Terms and conditions apply, for full details please visit


  1. For some years I have been purchasing used cars for economy purposes but, inevitably, the cost of maintenance was high but which I thought was affordable. Finance for purchasing new cars was not as favourable as it is today although I was able to get a package previously, when working, through my company which was not then available to individuals.

    Lately, I was comparing the cost of maintaining a used car to that of a new one under the Vauxhall finance scheme to discover that if I were to down size in models that I could afford a new Corsa and on making enquiries ended with a new one. While I do not enjoy small cars the Corsa was okay except for one disadvantage; its average MPG was touted as being around 65 mpg when, in fact, I was getting 22 which was the same as my old BMW 5 series. The finance package was over 36 months and aged then 82 I did not think I would be accepted but I was.

    After a year’s driving I was wondering how to solve this high cost of fuel and became interested in the Toyota hybrids so registered an interest with the company on its site. The following morning I received a phone call from the nearest main dealer but had no intention of buying. On discussing the position with the sales man he enquired what my maximum monthly outlay was and what specifications I would like with a car. He then said that he would again contact me after he had spoken to his boss.

    Amazingly, he came up with a similar package to the Corsa if I were interested in a new Yaris hybrid Icon+ 5 door auto. The finance package with Vauxhall was cleared, I paid about £20 per month extra on a similar agreement but for a higher cost of car and the package was simply advanced for one year The total cash outlay was £325 and I had another new car. On looking at the details of the agreement it became apparent that the dealer simply did a bit of honest creative accounting. The fuel cost of running the Yaris saves me around £100 per month plus no road tax so I was in pocket and after 18 months driving 2 new cars there has not been any additional costs.

    Having the Yaris for 6 months I am finding it just a tad too small so I am wondering whether to upgrade in size to an Auris of the same specifications and cannot see how the same creative accounting cannot again be applied. I will certainly be enquiring. Although age may eventually be against me, it seems that with advancing those financial packages yearly by 12 months that a new car could be purchased annually and still keeping the monthly outlay affordable.

    Are there any financial wizard who can see any fault in this scheme or suggest a better proposition?

    1. Hello Robert
      Thanks for your post.
      We are pleased to hear you have been enjoying your Toyota Yaris Hybrid and your dealer was able to arrange a finance package which suited your needs. In terms of changing your car to an Auris Hybrid your dealer will be able to discuss the options available to you. Using our Access Toyota plan there are packages available from 12 to 60 months and they will be able to provide more details about them. In the meantime more information about the scheme can be found here.
      Hope this helps.

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