The Toyota Urban Dictionary

The car scene is constantly changing, and so too is the language associated by it. We’ve gathered a number of these phrases that have entered the car lexicon  and Toyota-fied them to create the new Toyota Urban Dictionary.

We’ve adopted the International Phonetic Alphabet pronunciations to give them at least a suggestion of being official. So, class, are you ready? Then listen up.

1. Squad goals [skwad golz]


An automotive line-up to die for. For example you, your five mates and our six heritage liveried GT86.

2. So much want… [so mətʃ wɑnt…]


An aching desire for something on wheels. One of the rarest and most beautiful Toyota classics, this 2000GT went up for auction with Gooding & Co. recently. The guide price? A cool $750,000 to $950,000. Most of us can keep on dreaming…

3. Rat look [ræt lʊk]

Rat look Land Cruiser

Careworn, patinated appearance. Some fake the rat look. Others take a Land Crusier FJ43, then drive it 4,500 miles in one hit and end up with the real deal – every glorious mud splatter.

4. Got wing? [gɑt wɪŋ?]

GT86 rocketbunny caption inc

Fitting a huge, lairy wing. Rocket Bunny GT86 owner and instagrammer @mrkhalsey certainly has. We couldn’t miss his car at Japfest. The model is extremely popular with the car modifying community, of which this outrageous example is concrete evidence.

5. Stanced [stanced]


SEMA Scion 86Some like to go low. Really low. We spotted some of the best examples at the SEMA show 2016 in Las Vegas, USA.

6. Pure skills [pjʊr skɪlz]

Polar Hilux blog ukPulling off an incredible feat. See – we told you the Toyota Hilux was a bit of alright in the rough stuff. Here’s our famous Polar Hilux in action in Norway.

7. G [ʤiː]

Prius G

On the streets ‘G’ means ‘gangsta’ but for us, it’s all about G-force. New Prius has a low centre of gravity and modifying this one takes it to another level: 0.99 G to be exact. Face-bending stuff.

8. Meet the fam [mit ðə fam]


When you totally appreciate your roots. GT86 meets its now legendary predecessor, the AE86 Corolla GT Coupe, for one incredible B-road blast.

9. Start ’em early [stɑrt |em ərli]


Indoctrinating your kids to love cars as much as you do. Aussie Toyota fan and dad Quentin builds epic scale Land Cruiser for his son Billy to drive the family dog round in.

10. Because Mirai rally car [bɪkɒz mirai ræli kɑr]


When something just works, even though it’s different. Toyota Germany entered the world’s first production hydrogen fuel cell sedan, the Mirai, into the ADAC rally.

11. Aygo on point [aygo ɑn pɔjnt]

Aygo Crazy

When your car looks just the way you want it. Take our one-off Aygo Crazy and you’ll understand.

12. The daily, the track [ðə deli, ðə træk]

BTCC Avensis pair

One for the everyday commute, one for the race track. Which Toyota pairing would you choose for your dream two-car garage? How about this Avensis and its BTCC sister car?

13. Project [prɑdʒɛkt]

s800 taniguchi

You tell your mates it’s nearly finished. Not likely! This one’s a perpetual project – and it’s glorious. Here’s a Toyota project car with a difference…

14. JDM lyf [JDM lajf]

AE86 Trueno

JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market, with the addition of ‘lyf’ or life when it’s everything to you – a lifestyle. For many years Toyota owners have been fascinated by the world of home-grown Japanese tuning and many look to buy an imported JDM car to recreate this stylish look, as modelled by this stunning AE86 Trueno.

15. Beast [biːst]

200 Land Cruiser

Firstly, this is downright G (Please refer to number 7 ^). But this is a beast, because like every Land Cruiser it’s a big SUV. But this particular one’s doubly a beast as it’s believed to be the fastest SUV on earth: 220mph anyone?

16. ’86 owners be like… [|86 onərz bi lajk…]

clarkson gt86 smile

This one’s self explanatory. Yep, this is the now meme-grade mugshot of former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson in a GT86. As owners know and Clarkson summarised: “It’s a car designed for one thing only: fun.”

Think your Toyota fits one of these words or phrases? Or perhaps you have another to add to our list? We want to hear from you so get in touch:

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