What do owners think about the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid?

It’s said the only way to truly get to know somebody is to live with them. Similarly, it’s only by living with a new car on a day-to-day basis that you can make an accurate, objective assessment of how good – or bad – it is.

From that perspective, how does the new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid fare?

We took a look through a customer survey prepared by an independent company to discover the unbiased thoughts of new owners.

You can read the reviews in full on Toyota.co.uk.

The following is an unedited collection of their assessments regarding the model.

2016 RAV4 Hybrid 02

Owner: ‘kjcj’ from Nottingham
Review title: Most versatile car I’ve ever owned
We upgraded to the RAV4 Hybrid from an Auris Sports Tourer just over a month ago. Having just returned from a family holiday, the RAV has been brilliant. It is such a lovely car to drive and has plenty of room for dogs, children and luggage. It is economical and has helped me overcome my (slight) guilt at becoming an SUV driver!

Owner: ‘maly’ from Barnsley
Review title: A pleasure to drive
We bought the RAV4 in February. This is the first automatic car we have driven, and what a pleasure it is to drive. It virtually drives itself. The hybrid does what it says on the tin; it’s a strange feeling when you first get in to drive and it sets off in silence, but you always have a smile on your face when driving the car. Out of all the Toyota cars we have had, this one is the crowning glory.

2016 RAV4 Hybrid 03

Owner: ‘Solo’ from Dorset
Review title: Brilliant car
Couldn’t be happier: a smooth ride and economical, with all of the features we require. Excellent customer service from knowledgeable staff. What more do you need?

Owner: ‘Susi’ from Nottingham
Review title: Great to drive
I bought this a month ago and am so pleased I did. It has the comfort, the get-up-and-go, and ample room for my requirements, including two large dogs and holiday luggage. Being a hybrid, for its size it is extremely economical.

Owner: ‘AlmondburyPaul’ from Huddersfield
Review title: A pleasure to drive
I replaced my diesel RAV4 with the new petrol hybrid with trepidation but I have been pleasantly surprised. The performance is still there, as well as an improvement in comfort. The ride is so smooth and quiet; it is a joy to drive.

2016 RAV4 Hybrid 01

Owner: ‘Mezzy’ from West Sussex
Review title: Delighted with the vehicle
I have had the RAV4 Hybrid for a month and am very pleased that I upgraded from a RAV4 2.2 diesel. It’s very quick with plenty of power and good economy.

Owner: ‘nige’ from the North West
Review title: Nice smooth hybrid
Really pleased we chose a hybrid RAV4. Amazing.

Owner: ‘Rupert’ from Aldershot
Review title: Smooth RAV4
We purchased our RAV4 almost a month ago now and I can safely say it’s the best decision we made. It is a dream to drive and handles well, with enough room for our grandchildren and room to spare.

2016 RAV4 Hybrid 04

Anything else?

So far so good. But did the new owners have any criticisms of the RAV4 Hybrid? In the interest of balance, the following quotes are also unedited.

Owner: ‘PeteAnne’ from Scotland
Review title: Very smooth
I have been driving this for six weeks now and so far I am very pleased. There are some things that could have been done better in the cabin, which for me would have made everything perfect.

Owner: ‘Elizabeth’ from Belfast
Review title: Great features
I bought my RAV4 Hybrid in March of this year. I have been very pleased with it until recently. I have had a problem with the back door. I had difficulty getting the door to close, but I’m now waiting for a part to arrive so that it can be fixed.

2016 RAV4 Hybrid 05

Owner: ‘Stuart 1’ from Uckfield
Review title: Overall driving experience
A good smooth cruiser on motorways. Suspension is harsh on normal roads. Had an intermittent problem with the sat nav. Occasionally on cold mornings it says navigation is not available on this model. This is Business Edition Plus.

2016 RAV4 Hybrid 06

Your turn…

Aside from a couple of minor issues, we are delighted to discover that the overall response from new RAV4 Hybrid owners is extremely positive.

You can read the reviews in full on Toyota.co.uk.

What would your assessment be? Why not begin to find out by requesting a test drive from your local Toyota centre. Click this link to make an appointment.

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    1. Hi Michael. Thanks for getting in touch. Would you mind sharing with us what you dislike about the sat-nav?

      1. Every new Toyota vehicle sat nav is two -three years out of date, an update costs over £300 an absolute decrease for a new vehicle

  1. I am looking forward to buy a RAV4 hybrid this year if it has 360 view camera and at least 2 USB’s like in US models. Would be delighted if advanced music system is also offered as an option.

    1. Hi Dinakar, thanks for getting in touch! We’re really pleased to hear you’re looking at getting a RAV4 Hybrid. You can read all the specification information here: po.st/xqgcig. We hope this helps.

  2. As I had written to your team earlier ,I am waiting for a RAV4 hybrid model with birds eye view camera and multiple USB ports option like in US and I am pleased to find a new grade of RAV4 hybrid named Platinum in US which came to news today.This has all options I wish to have and only hope this grade would be available in UK. It was a shame when previous US model options were not available in UK. I deferred buying it due to this unavailability.

    1. Hi Dinakar,
      We’re sorry we are not selling this RAV4 model in the UK. We will pass your feedback onto our product team! Many thanks.

  3. I have had my Excel hybrid now for 3 weeks and so far so good. A couple of niggles – I managed to torn off/down the sat nav volume (no idea how) and nowhere does it explain how to recover it. I hamaged to eventually after a lot of fiddling around! Secondly the RAV 4 sales brochure states that every model is fitted with TPWS yet there is no sign of it on mine? Is this a mistake or is the brochure wrong? The space to the right of the steering wheel where the switch goes has a blank fitted.

    1. Hi John,
      After speaking with our technical team, they have advised heading to your local dealer to see if they can identify the Tyre Pressure Monitor. Your dealer will be able to see if the vehicle has this fitted, we are unable to advise this via the blog!

      1. The Tyre pressure indicator shows when you first start the car and then goes off with the rest of the dashboard lights and then only shows if you have a tyre with low pressure.

      2. I now know where the reset button is hidden! If you position a mirror in the footwell under the steering wheel you should see the button. I can’t think of a more awkward place to hide it..

        My next issue is with updating the software – it took me 3 hours to download the file ( I have fibre broadband) and about an hour to update the system with the car engine running I might add. Unimpressed to say the least.

  4. Just to let you know about how other manufacturers manage thier GPS updates …. One of the rival companies updates it automatically when the car enters the wifi range of thier service centres. The customer doesn’t need to do anything about it ! I also spent hours with my Sat Nav updating on my Rav4.

  5. I’m wondering when we can expect to get a new update to the maps and also to the software. the last update was Autumn 2016 (6.8.1L) and I would have expected at least one map update by now having paid £100 for three years map care.

    I really do like the Rav-4 as a vehicle – but I do feel that that the engineering and design that has gone into the car has not been reflected in the software – which has a rather old and clunky feel to it

    Perhaps the most annoying things to me are
    Scrolling on the DAB Text just seems variable in terms of the information that is displayed. Is this to do with what the radio station sends or is it the lack of multi-line display for radio text information?
    With the loss of the public Aupeo service there is no streaming music player built into Touch2/Go unit. Now would be the opportunity to offer Spotify built in. Is this being considered?

    1. Hi Rodger,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Map updates usually come in Spring/Autumn, yearly and we would imagine the next update will be in the next couple of months. Thanks for all your feedback, we will pass this on to the relevant teams here at Toyota GB. 🙂

  6. I have 2017 RAV, 2.5 hybrid 2wd Auto with TSS. I can’t find how to cancel a sat nav address while driving to it. The inside rubbers of the drivers door get covered in road dirt – why. Suspension is very hard and feel and hear every bump. Glove box door rattles and drives me mad. Anybody help ? Thanks Cliff

    1. Hi Cliff,
      To cancel a route on the sat nav is dependent on your Touch software. If it’s version 6 or later, then push the 3 dots on the nav screen and then stop. If 4-6, push the button on bottom right, then stop guidance.
      We’ll feed back your comments on the 2017 RAV4.

  7. Rav 4 Hybrid 66 plate, rust on the bolts holding the back gate lights/indicators.
    Been to Toyota Dealer garage “decided at point of design and put in at the factory”

      1. Have email Customer Relations who’ve passed this comment on to their Design team in Japan.
        Will wait for their response.

  8. I have been driving a RAV now for about ten years and every one that had a sat nav. was at least two -three years out of date and an update was quoted at over £300 . I think this is not honest as when one buys a new vehicle an up to date sat nav.would be naturally expected. I understand from the dealer that every Toyota is the same all out of date. And £300 is ridiculous price for an update, a new TOM TOM costs about £200 with free updates for life.

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