Toyota RAV4: getting you out of sticky situations

The Toyota RAV4 is the star in a new series of funny TV adverts as the new 2015 car gets protagonists out of sticky situations.

In the first, a couple is looking at the dating agency app their single friend has downloaded. ‘This new app searches for local guys looking for love,’ says the girl as she swipes through prospective dates on his phones. She stops at one photograph of a trying-to-look cool guy called Frank. Only problem is, the guy in the app is the same guy sitting with his girlfriend on the sofa opposite. Awkward.

The film then switches to the single girl driving the Toyota RAV4 on a really slippery surface, then cuts back to her with her two friends. Can she get out of the sticky situation?

In another film, a man and woman are alone in an art gallery. The pair are contemplating an unorthodox piece of art then the bloke delivers the cheesiest line ‘How ironic… a beautiful woman looking at the most gruesome piece of art in the gallery.’ The beautiful woman delivers the killer line ‘I painted it.’

How does he get out of this sticky situation?

Find out more about the 2015 Toyota RAV in the dedicated section of the Toyota website.

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