Toyota RAV4 appearing at Geneva Motor Show

Toyota RAV4 GenevaThe new Toyota RAV4 will make its first public appearance in Europe when it appears at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

The appearance of the fourth-generation RAV4 will coincide with its early March on-sale date in the UK, and will be supported by two special design studies, the RAV4 Premium and RAV4 Adventure.

The new model builds on its pioneering SUV heritage, putting a greater emphasis on the demands of its target market of modern families, by adding more space, practicality and driving fun.

The new model offers distinctive styling, a high quality interior, greater efficiency and improvements to its all-wheel drive system that help deliver a more engaging drive.

The car will appear at the Geneva Motor Show alongside the FT-Open concept, a design study of a potential GT86 convertible, the i-ROAD concept and the new Toyota Auris Touring Sports. Read our other Geneva Motor Show posts here.

Find out more about the new RAV4 in our FAQ or read our interview with RAV4 product boss Alan Dujardyn.



  1. Hi Oliwer.

    I am really disappointed that Toyota cannot offer the petrol engine and a proper automatic in the top of the range Invincible incarnation of the RAV4.

    Accordingly I have looked at the specs for Honda’s new CR-V and guess what, they have a petrol engined proper automatic available throughout their range and each model comes with a space saver spare wheel.

    I hate to say this but, after 38 years of owning Toyotas, it looks as though my money will be going in Honda’s direction! It is a shame really, but the CR-V has what I as a customer wants.

    1. Hi Michael,
      We’d be sorry to see you leave Toyota and try to offer all customers a wide selection of cars. The range is often determined by demand and in this case we can’t justify the petrol automatic. We are sorry about this.
      It may well be the case that another model from the Toyota range suits you well, your Dealer would be very happy to talk you through the models and what your needs are. Here’s the link!
      Many thanks and kind regards.

  2. I am also tryig to decide between the Honda and Toyota.The spare wheel issue is a concern for me as well.I notice that the American 2113 Rav4 has a space saver as standard so I assume there is space in the boot so cannot understand why Toyota are reluctant to make it an option.

  3. Hi Alan,
    As I’m sure you know, we are currently working on providing an option, other than the current tyre repair kit, for UK customers. TGB (Toyota Great Britain) has yet to finalise what this will be however as soon as we know, we’ll post on the blog, so please do keep checking back.
    Let us know if there is anything we can help you with.
    Many thanks and kind regards.

  4. Hi, I am just curious if Toyota is going to produce a Hybrid version of RAV 4 in near future.. if so, I will definitely get one..

    PS: I am going to order the new Auris Hybrid Excel very soon.. Love the new design. Great reliability of Toyota..

    1. Hi Ruihua,
      There are no plans currently in place to offer a hybrid version of the RAV4 in the UK. As new model updates become available, we will be sure to provide them here on the Toyota Blog.
      That’s very exciting news about your new Auris Hybrid Excel, thank you for your comments.
      If there is anything further we can help with, please let us know.
      Kind regards.

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