Toyota provides best roadside assistance package

Toyota and sister brand Lexus offer the motor industry’s best roadside assistance packages, according to a new national survey.

Find out more about Toyota Roadside Assistance here.

The two brands scored equal highest ratings in the latest National Franchised Dealer Association (NFDA) survey. The association’s members, representing dealerships nationwide, are well placed to assess the scope and quality of the service provided.

True to the manufacturer’s reputation for industry-leading customer satisfaction, the Toyota Roadside Assistance package goes further than many of its rivals. New car customers enjoy the benefit of one year’s Europe-wide cover, together with vehicle recovery and repatriation if travelling abroad. Furthermore, Lexus owners enjoy personal coverage, so they can call Lexus Roadside Assistance when travelling as a passenger or driver in another car.

Notably the protection extended to both Toyota and Lexus owners includes the kind of common driver errors that can cause a problem, such as filling up with the wrong fuel, running the tank dry and locking keys inside the car. According to the AA, driver-induced problems account for around 85 per cent of its call-outs.

Toyota and Lexus both work with the AA as roadside assistance partners. To ensure the teams in the field are able to diagnose and fix problems with the least delay, the AA is given regular, direct access to Toyota’s technical experts to learn about the latest technologies, including diagnostics and appropriate repairs for Toyota parts and systems.

The NFDA survey gave Toyota and Lexus a 8.5-point score out of 10, the highest among the 14 different brands represented and well above the industry average score of 7.9.

Find out more about Toyota Roadside Assistance here.


  1. Good afternoon. Breakdown cover in Europe within 1st year of registration? Car reg on 23/06/21.Just after confirmation please. Reg GR04 ZGR. Thanks, Tim

    1. Hi Tim,
      We can see that your GR Yaris has roadside assistance active until the 22nd June.
      This means you have Europe-wide cover, together with vehicle recovery and repatriation if travelling abroad.
      We hope this helps.

  2. Good morning,

    The Enquiries and renewals number 0344-701-6201 seems inactive when trying to dial, is there an alternative number?


  3. I had delivery of my new car on 22nd March 2022. I have not received any paperwork to confirm my years free breakdown. Shouldn’t I have had it by now?

    1. Hi Shazia,
      Toyota Roadside Assistance is provided free for one year on all new vehicles from Toyota’s passenger car range.
      If you would like to provide your vehicle registration, we can check this for you.

  4. I took delivery of my new Toyota Yaris Cross Premiere edition on 17/05/2022. When can I expect my AA membership documents?

    1. Hi,

      Congratulations on your new car and thanks for choosing Toyota.

      Please contact the Roadside Assistance team on 0344 701 6201.


      1. I contacted the dealership where I had bought the car from. Two weeks later I’m none the wiser.
        I called the number given by you. After holding on for 15 minutes I gave up.
        I e-mailed the customer service centre. Four days later I’m still waiting for a response.
        What absolutely CRAP service from Toyota!!!!!!!

      2. Hi Roy,

        Sorry to hear that. Please provide your vehicle registration and we will contact the AA, who handle our Roadside Assistance.


  5. Hello
    I have TRA on my Avensis. I also have TRA for my wife’s Corolla as a second policy. The Corolla TRA is due for renewal.

    I’ve just been reading on the TRA policy T&C document and note that a ‘Registered Vehicle means any new Toyota car sold directly by Toyota or a Toyota authorised centre in the UK for which a current TRA policy exists.’

    The Corolla was purchased by us as a second-hand vehicle from a non-Toyota centre. Does this i) invalidate the existing policy and ii) mean that TRA renewal is not available? Or can we simply go ahead an renew and be assured that we do have roadside cover in case of breakdown?

    The Corolla plate is W527HHE.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      We can only recommend that you contact the Roadside Assistance team to clarify your policy on 0344 701 6201.


  6. Hello,
    I took delivery of my new Toyota Yaris Cross Premiere edition.
    Any advice on where I can source a space saver wheel to fit in the boot recess.

    1. Hi Roy,
      Your Toyota Centre would be best placed to assist you with this and ensure the correct fitting.
      Please contact them for further assistance.

    The manual says “drive the vehicle once every few months for at least 30 minutes or 16 km” so as to ensure that the traction battery does not discharge.
    Will starting the car remotely using the app on my mobile phone and letting it run for 20 minutes every two weeks (when not in use) also charge the battery?

    1. Hi Pat,

      Yes, that will help. Just bear in mind that engine idling is illegal under Section 42 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. The act enforces Rule 123 of the Highway Code, which states: “You must not leave a vehicle’s engine running unnecessarily while that vehicle is stationary on a public road.”

      If your vehicle is parked on private property, it is OK to do it.


  8. Hi,
    With regards to activating the car air conditioning system remotely, which starts the petrol engine at the same time, would you be able to tell me, from what distance (maximum) does the mobile phone have to be away from the car for this application to work?

    1. Hi Rob,

      Sorry, we don’t have that information. We expect that as long as your phone and the car are connected to a data source, and the vehicle is locked without the key fob in range, it should work.


  9. Hi
    I have tried ringing to renew my membership after hanging on the line for over 30 minutes I have given up, your documentation says you will inform me in good time to renew well it expires tomorrow the 28th of June 2022, so could you please confirm that you are still in business and are interested in renewing my membership.

  10. I have a Toyota Cross Hybrid purchased earlier this year. We are going away for three weeks. If the main traction battery discharges, will the 12v battery (with enough juice in it) be still able to fire up the car?
    S. Stone

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