Toyota provides best roadside assistance package

Toyota and sister brand Lexus offer the motor industry’s best roadside assistance packages, according to a new national survey.

Find out more about Toyota Roadside Assistance here.

The two brands scored equal highest ratings in the latest National Franchised Dealer Association (NFDA) survey. The association’s members, representing dealerships nationwide, are well placed to assess the scope and quality of the service provided.

True to the manufacturer’s reputation for industry-leading customer satisfaction, the Toyota Roadside Assistance package goes further than many of its rivals. New car customers enjoy the benefit of one year’s Europe-wide cover, together with vehicle recovery and repatriation if travelling abroad. Furthermore, Lexus owners enjoy personal coverage, so they can call Lexus Roadside Assistance when travelling as a passenger or driver in another car.

Notably the protection extended to both Toyota and Lexus owners includes the kind of common driver errors that can cause a problem, such as filling up with the wrong fuel, running the tank dry and locking keys inside the car. According to the AA, driver-induced problems account for around 85 per cent of its call-outs.

Toyota and Lexus both work with the AA as roadside assistance partners. To ensure the teams in the field are able to diagnose and fix problems with the least delay, the AA is given regular, direct access to Toyota’s technical experts to learn about the latest technologies, including diagnostics and appropriate repairs for Toyota parts and systems.

The NFDA survey gave Toyota and Lexus a 8.5-point score out of 10, the highest among the 14 different brands represented and well above the industry average score of 7.9.

Find out more about Toyota Roadside Assistance here.


  1. Hi R Shrubsall, thank you for taking the time to contact us. Clearly some shortcomings here for which we are sorry. This should not have been one of those calls where ‘data protection’ is quoted out as it only had a limited application here. The caller was seeking to purchase Roadside Assistance for a family member but to do so we needed to be sure that the caller’s family member was agreeing that his/her name and details could be added to our database, as the caller could not do that on his/her behalf without consent. This should have been explained during the call.

    When we receive a call our advisors do check to see if the incoming number matches any already on our records. The advisor should then have carried out some initial checks to verify the caller’s identity before moving into the subject-matter of the call. This was not done.

    We are taking steps to ensure our advisors are trained to avoid these types of misunderstanding happening again.

  2. Avoid if you buy a car from anywhere else after 1.00 on a saturday to 8.30 on monday as closed & you cannot renew your new car reg even online & the AA will not attend if you break down. This happened to my hubby on saturday 30th as he rang when a eml came on into a hour & 45 trip home. He was 12- 15 miles away the AA lady was rude, didnt want his membership number only the reg which was different as it was a new car !!! Refused to attend so rung our local toyota’s to get advice & they said drive slowly home , hope ok. We then found hubbies car insurance did roadside … RAC & they attened within an hour.So grateful to them. We have brought this loop hole to the attension of roadside assistance but was told after talks with AA they agreed with them . Hubby cancelled his package, got a refund & will stick with RAC in future. It was the first time he had used it & now the last. Not what you would expect !!! Avoid!!!

    1. Hi Julie,
      We’re sorry to hear this! Have you contacted customer relations with this issue? Thanks.

      1. Customer relations … toyota agreed with AA what else can be said or done.? Thanks

  3. Hi Julie,
    Customer relations will be able to talk through the issues you’ve experienced and can log the problem for future reference and similar issues that could occur. We would advise that you do contact customer relations in order to get a clearer outcome for the problem you faced. Many thanks!

    1. Hi Julie,
      We’re sorry you think it’s too late. We appreciate you contacting them! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. Many thanks!

    2. Hi Julie,
      We’re sorry you think it’s too late. We appreciate you contacting them! Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. Many thanks!

  4. I have had this Assistance and the administration & communicating with customer’s is very poor, I have had no reminder to say when my cover ended, unfortunately when i have just looked at my card it ended 4 days ago, again no reminder unlike other breakdown companies do. I am now looking around for a new policy with other companies as I feel reading the comments above i am probably getting a lucky escape! May I add this is the second year this has happened to me.

    1. Hi Alma,
      We’re so sorry to hear this. Have you spoken to our customer relations team about this? Many thanks.

  5. Hi
    Just a general question…..
    I have Toyota Roadside Assistance, which includes AA membership
    However my membership card does not carry the AA logo which seems to mean that I do not enjoy ALL AA benefits – for instance MOTO motorway services offer a 20% discount off food to AA members – but would not accept my Toyota Card as entitlement. Not a big deal, but could the cards not carry the AA logon in future – as without this the claim that ‘it carries all the benefits of AA membership’ is not actually true


  6. Hi Derek,
    Thanks for getting in touch. Toyota Roadside Assistance shouldn’t include AA membership. We outsource tasks to the AA but your membership is with us. Hope this helps.

  7. OK Thanks for response. Only drawback is for a frequent motorway driver the 20% discount at the services just might make AA more attractive than Toyota’s assistance offering 🙁

  8. I was part ex-ing my Toyota Celica T Sport last Wednesday (22 Novemnber 2017) for a Toyota GT86. I phoned the Road Side Assistance number the day before and was told that 1.I couldn’t change it to my new car until I actually bought it. 2. As I had a personalised number plate then I would have to wait until the transfer is completed (this can take up to 3 weeks). 3. My old renewal for my T Sport renews on 3rd December so, I will end up paying for a car I no longer own as apparently the assistance is not transferable. So I now have a GT86 with no cover, but the garage that I sold the car to has cover for my previous car. You couldn’t make this up.

  9. Cancelled all 4 of our toyota roadside assistance after no joy with help last year in 2016 … let down even after chats with you & customers relation! We want a service at weekends to when changing cars!!!!. Bye from 2 aygos, 1 rav & 1 celica owners.

    1. Hi Julie,
      Thanks for getting in touch with us. We are sorry you feel this way and all your comments have been taken on board and passed on to the relevant people. Thanks.

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