Toyota provides best roadside assistance package

Toyota and sister brand Lexus offer the motor industry’s best roadside assistance packages, according to a new national survey.

Find out more about Toyota Roadside Assistance here.

The two brands scored equal highest ratings in the latest National Franchised Dealer Association (NFDA) survey. The association’s members, representing dealerships nationwide, are well placed to assess the scope and quality of the service provided.

True to the manufacturer’s reputation for industry-leading customer satisfaction, the Toyota Roadside Assistance package goes further than many of its rivals. New car customers enjoy the benefit of one year’s Europe-wide cover, together with vehicle recovery and repatriation if travelling abroad. Furthermore, Lexus owners enjoy personal coverage, so they can call Lexus Roadside Assistance when travelling as a passenger or driver in another car.

Notably the protection extended to both Toyota and Lexus owners includes the kind of common driver errors that can cause a problem, such as filling up with the wrong fuel, running the tank dry and locking keys inside the car. According to the AA, driver-induced problems account for around 85 per cent of its call-outs.

Toyota and Lexus both work with the AA as roadside assistance partners. To ensure the teams in the field are able to diagnose and fix problems with the least delay, the AA is given regular, direct access to Toyota’s technical experts to learn about the latest technologies, including diagnostics and appropriate repairs for Toyota parts and systems.

The NFDA survey gave Toyota and Lexus a 8.5-point score out of 10, the highest among the 14 different brands represented and well above the industry average score of 7.9.

Find out more about Toyota Roadside Assistance here.


  1. So when did the Roadside Assistance package change for new car owners?? Bought my new Auris at the end of October 2012, and that came with one year Roadside Assistance. The Toyota brochures you can download from the Toyota website state that the Roadside Assistance package for new cars is one year.

    1. Hi Mike,
      Thank you for getting in touch. You’re quite right, for Toyota models roadside assistance for new cars is one year. We hope this clears things up, we’ve made an alteration in the blog to make sure this also reads the same.
      Hope this helps.

  2. Why does Toyota use a premium rate telephone rate number? why does the Toyota information book states a renewal is only £64.00 and yet a charge of £66.00 is charged?
    When a husband and wife have two separate breakdown cover why is a charge of £66.00 made when surely it should be £55.00 for one partner as stated.

  3. Hi Allan
    Thanks for your post.
    Just to let you know that calls to the 0844 number are charged at 13.1p so not at premium rate. We appreciate your comments however and are in the process of changing this to reduced rate 0344 numbers for the future. We did however increase the price of the road side assistance by £2 in April this year, moving from £64 to £66 (on Direct Debit) and from £68 to £70 for all other payment methods. Older documentation may not show this price increase but hope this has helped clarify. Finally with regard to two car policies, assuming the second car is a Toyota and is kept at the same address, a discounted price of £55 can be applied to the second car.
    Hope this helps clarify and if you do need any further assistance or would like to arrange a second policy then let us know and we will arrange for you to be contacted directly.
    Hope this helps.

  4. Having purchased a brand new RAV 4 last year but also being the owner of two other cars I was very reassured by the claims of personal breakdown as you mention”Furthermore, Toyota owners enjoy personal coverage, so they can call Toyota Roadside Assistance when travelling as a passenger or driver in another car.”

    My breakdown cover is now up for renewal but on closer inspection this promise is nowhere to be seen so I don’t know how you can make this statement

    1. Dear W Longmore
      Thank you for your post regarding our roadside assistance package and for bringing this matter to our attention.
      We would like to apologise as this is an error on our part. This sentence should have related to the Lexus roadside assistance package and we have now amended the post to correct this mistake. We would like to apologise for any confusion caused.
      We hope this has clarified the matter but if you have any further questions regarding your policy please let us know.

  5. I just want to renew annual roadside assistance!! why is there not a simple link to do just that ???keying as your reminder suggests takes me all over the place!

  6. Hi Peter
    Sorry to hear about this. Have you tried ? If so and you’ve had problems, please call 0344 701 6201. Thanks for getting in touch.

  7. I posted a cheque for £70 to renew my roadside assistance which expired on 22nd July; however, I have not received any confirmation of receipt of same etc.

  8. Hello Mrs Wiener,

    Sorry to hear about this. You cheque has been received and you are covered for roadside assistance. Our contact centre will be getting in touch to re-confirm this. You should have received a welcome pack when you renewed your policy but we will make sure you get it ASAP.

    I hope that helps.


  9. Avoid if you have more than one Toyota vehicle. The contact centre won’t permit a single phone call to renew/change or create multiple policies for different family members. They hide behind the “Data Protection Act” requiring all members to be available on the call…

    Further more their managers are quite happy to use your telephone number to search the personal database for potential members and then use the name they find (without politely asking first “to whom am I speaking?”).

    Strikes me as double standards.

  10. Hi R Shrubsall
    Thanks for your post.
    We have sent this post to our Roadside Assistance Centre and are awaiting their update.

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