Toyota ProAce – new images

It’s not long until the practical and versatile new Toyota ProAce van arrives in the UK, and these new images have just been released.

ProAce is due on sale later this year, and has been developed in a new collaboration with PSA Peugeot Citroën as a replacement for the Toyota Hiace. Production starts at the Sevelnord factory in northern France in April with UK sales scheduled to follow shortly afterwards.

ProAce will be one of our most versatile models yet, and will be available in two lengths and heights, with load capacities of 5m3, 6m3 or 7m3. In addition to its standard form, ProAce can also be specified as a panel van, or six-seat crew cab.

A wide range of dedicated accessories will allow customers to tailor their vehicle to suit a broad range of business and operational requirements. Payloads will range from one to 1.2 tonnes and Proace will be able to tow up to two tonnes. Euro 5 diesel engines with outputs from 89 to 161bhp will be offered.

Further details and provisional technical data can be found in this post. UK market specifications and prices will be announced later.


  1. I have a renault trafic,every other vehicle in my house and family is Japanese,only the renault goes wrong.i didn’t realise they had stopped making the Hiace,I would buy one! However I will not buy the new one as it is French mechanically etc.Are there any Japanese vans the Hiace size and quality anymore?

    1. Hi Trev
      Thanks for your post.
      We do appreciate your feedback regarding the Hiace however the Proace is the only panel van we sell in Europe. We do have a successful relationship with PSA with the production of our Aygo model though.

  2. Hi, Please confirm whose engine is in the new Proace.

    Is it a Toyota

    Is it a Citroen

    Is it a Peugeot.

    If you’re going to come back and say it’s a collaboration then what is the engine in the new Proace van

    Hoping to hear a simple answer

    1. Hi there,
      The diesel engines in the new Proace are developed by PSA. The new Proace Van is available with 1.6 and 2.0-litre diesel engines with a range of power outputs and choice of different transmissions. Hope this helps! Many thanks.

  3. Do not be fooled by this citroen van with a toyota badge

    We all know they are the most un reliable vehicles on the road

    Look at the second hand van sale adds and see how many are selling cheap with things wrong with them,

    Buy a Transit
    That is a proper van and very reliable

    Do not buy the proach if it is not what you want

    I will never buy that van for my business

    Who ever thought of this collaboration is a FOOL

    Wait and see how your failure goes

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