Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid eligible for up to £5000 UK Government subsidy

Have you heard the news today? One of the biggest stories is the announcement of the cars that qualify for the Government’s ultra-low carbon vehicle grant scheme, including the Prius Plug-in Hybrid concept.

Toyota Prius PHV concept

The Department for Transport (DfT) and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles have announced the Prius Plug-in Hybrid (PHV) concept, which is currently undergoing a demonstration leasing programme in London, meets its criteria for the Plug-in Car Grant. This means that we expect the full production version to receive up to £5000 towards its cost when it goes on sale in 2012.

Jon Williams, Toyota Managing Director, said: “I welcome today’s announcement which demonstrates that Toyota’s advanced, user friendly plug-in technology is recognised as having significant potential to make a valuable contribution to the UK’s low carbon transport strategy.

“Toyota is committed to developing sustainable low emissions mobility and Prius Plug-in Hybrid marks an important step in our environmental leadership, delivering exceptional emissions and fuel performance in urban driving.

“This consumer incentive scheme will further strengthen the case for Prius Plug-in Hybrid among private and fleet owners, following the model’s market introduction in 2012.”

Toyota Prius PHV with electric car recharging point

Prius Plug-in Hybrid concept is equipped with a compact and powerful lithium-ion battery that enables the car to run on electric power alone (EV mode) for up to 12.5 miles, and at speeds up to 62mph, with zero fuel consumption. What’s more, no emissions are produced through the car’s exhaust while it is being driven in EV mode.

A further benefit of the hybrid system is that, once battery power has been used up, the car switches automatically to its petrol-hybrid engine, removing the “range anxiety” associated with all-electric vehicles.

Thanks to its ability to run further in EV mode, the Prius Plug-in Hybrid concept achieves exceptional combined cycle fuel efficiency, with an official 108.6mpg and CO2 emissions of 59g/km (European homologation combined cycle).

Prius Plug-in’s environmental performance is further strengthened by the fact that, compared to diesel cars, it emits much less NOx and no particulates. And when running on its electric motor alone – in EV mode – it produces no CO2 or NOx.

Prius Plug-in Hybrid concept

Please note that CO2 emissions of Prius Plug-in Hybrid are measured according to the new official international regulations for plug-in hybrid electric powertrains, as adopted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

To find out more about the Prius Plug-in Hybrid concept leasing programme that is currently underway in the UK, click here.

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  1. I was considering to exchange my 2nd gen 2005 prius to 3rd gen 2009 prius. A typical 1-1.5 year old the 3rd gen on the used car market now around 18K BUT… with the introduction of plug-in model next year and the 5K grant by goverment, I assume that the 3rd gen prius will loose more value. There is no price tag for the new plug-in prius yet but its been predicted as around 22-24K. So with the grant probably the plug in version would be around 18-19K! So this will effect the second hand market of the 3rd gen non-plug-in prices a lot.. Will the Toyoto continue to produce the non-plugin version after the introduction of plug-in version? Should I wait to upgrade my prius to a brand new plug in prius till next year then?

  2. Hi RK,

    Great to hear that you’re considering the Prius Plug-in Hybrid as your next car.

    The Prius Plug-in Hybrid will be sold alongside the current third generation Prius when it arrives in the UK in next year.

    You can now sign up to receive the latest news on Prius Plug-in Hybrid by clicking here.

  3. how about a car that drives like a jag the big soviegn or i had a celiac on a g reg that couldn’t handle too good as on that year they softened the suspension ,but to drive it it was zoo smooth and beautiful to drive with hardly any bumps felt from the road

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