Toyota Mirai makes 65-plate debut in London

The Toyota Mirai made an historic journey past London’s landmarks in a zero-emissions, hydrogen-powered journey to mark its UK market debut and the arrival of the new 65-plate registration.

During its near-silent progress through the capital, Mirai produced no exhaust pollution at all, emitting only water vapour.

Mirai – the name means ‘future’ in Japanese – is the world’s first fuel cell saloon to enter full production. Although it is powered by Toyota’s advanced fuel cell technology, it is designed to be every bit as practical and convenient to drive as a conventional car.

The UK is among Toyota’s first European markets for Mirai, its introduction linked to the development of a national infrastructure for supplying and selling hydrogen fuel.

Hydrogen is stored in the car’s high-pressure tanks and used to generate electric power in a Toyota-designed fuel cell system. Rooted in Toyota’s hybrid technology, Mirai’s drive system marks a significant step towards achieving sustainable, zero-emissions mobility as part of a low carbon society.

Mirai has an on-the-road price of £66,000, before any Government incentive is taken into account. The great majority of Mirai’s UK customers are expected to lease their vehicle and Toyota will shortly be announcing an attractively priced leasing programme.


  1. At £66,000, who’s going to buy one? It’s a great showcase for the emerging hydrogen fuel cell technology but I can’t imagine many people choosing one over a similar tech tour de force like a Tesla model S.

    1. you right there whos got that sort of money to spent on car 66,000 how much will you get 4 it 3 or 4 year down the line 30/25 k if u lucky think about it wast money if you have h.p on it cost you more if you had cash you stanted loss a lot

  2. Hello Andy
    Thanks for the post and sorry for the delay in replying to you.
    We believe that Mirai represents another alternative technology as we see the future incorporating many different powertrains, including EV’s, depending on how they are used. At the moment the technology is new and the infrastructure needs to be developed to support this and by introducing the car we are hoping to stimulate this development. A similar point was made when we introduced the hybrid Toyota Prius into the UK market back in 2000. To date we have sold more than 3.5 million across the globe and the fourth generation model goes on sale next year. Thanks again for your post and for your interest in the Mirai.

  3. Why all the negativity?? Toyota are the leaders in hybrid cars, they don’t design them in dinner hours it takes years! I’ve got a 2005 gen 2 Prius and it’s just amazing, yes I paid alot for it but I’ve looked after it and it’s still going strong, it’s NEVER gone wrong in 14 years !!!!!! No body I know has had that type of reliability, it’s been serviced regular and done 112680 miles

    1. Hi Jason,

      Thanks for getting in touch and for these kind words, it’s great to hear that you’ve had such a positive experience with your Prius. Do you know about our High Mile Club? Once you reach 150,000 miles, you are eligible for a limited edition sticker. See more here:


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