Toyota lowers Auris Hybrid CO2 emissions to class-leading 84g/km

Auris_emissionsReinforcing Toyota’s commitment to continually improve the efficiency of its products, Auris Hybrid hatchback is now available with CO2 emissions of 84g/km. This figure is the lowest of any car in the family hatchback class.

This reduction was achieved by refining the vehicle tuning and adopting various aerodynamic improvements, such as new aero-stabilising fins in the rear glazing — modifications first previewed on the 85g/km Auris Hybrid Touring Sports model that debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March this year. These measures have combined to improve the overall energy efficiency without negatively impacting vehicle performance.

The new generation Auris has been received well across Europe since its launch, with sales up 27 per cent in the first quarter of 2013. The full hybrid variant is proving particularly popular, experiencing a sales increase of 69 per cent year-on-year. In the UK, sales of Auris have been even better, increasing by 31 per cent to March 2013.

Auris Hybrid will be available from June with emissions of 84g/km on Icon models only*. The emissions of Excel models will remain unchanged at 91g/km.

Auris Hybrid Icon graph


* Image shows Auris Hybrid models in Excel grade


  1. Hardly good practice shouting about the efficiency of a car and then not actually showing that car (showing pictures of a car with higher emissions), gives the impression that Toyota thinks it’s all right to bend the truth.

    Tried the Auris Hybrid but never understood why anyone would buy a smaller, less efficient and more expensive Auris over a larger, more efficient and cheaper Prius. Also the build quality of the Auris isn’t as good as the Japanese built Prius, never has been, probably never will be.

    1. Hi Chris,
      The only version that has been displayed of the forthcoming Auris Hybrid Touring Sports model is equivalent to the high grade Excel model. We therefore paired this car with a similar spec Auris Hybrid hatch for this image. Apologies for any confusion though we did consider this when posting and have commented regarding this at the bottom of the blog (see the asterisk).
      Many thanks.

    2. Have to disagree with you, I have owned both a Prius 3 gen and now a Auris 2 gen, And the build quality on the Auris is better, No squeaky dash for one thing, Just closing the doors on the Auris says “Well put together” I still get the same mpg. The only reason to buy the Prius is it is larger, Oh! and the Prius teaches you how to drive a Hybrid better than the Auris, because of the instrument layout. But as for quality of build give me the Auris.

  2. Hi Mike
    Thanks for your post
    Can you let us know which Toyota model you have so we can help advise you further?

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