Toyota iQ takes Google off the beaten path

Google Streetview is a great help when you need to find your way around somewhere new, but in towns and cities across the world there are lanes, alleys and narrow streets that the search giant’s camera cars just can’t reach.

So our colleagues at Toyota Belgium have stepped in to help Google ‘complete’ the map, using the Toyota iQ to squeeze into the spots that no other car can. Take a look at this great video to find out why the Toyota iQ is the perfect for the city.

The iQ’s tiny turning circle and compact dimensions are great for nipping into tight spaces, but equally important is the car’s surprising interior space, which is needed to store the Google mapping equipment.

Best of all, the clever iQ Streetview website asks people living in Belgium to pinpoint the places where the cars need to go. So far most of the streets added to the map are in Brussels, but parts of Antwerp, Gent and Brugge have also been captured in 3D – and there are many more still to go.

Toyota iQ streetview

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