Toyota Insurance: Association of British Insurers (ABI) confirms cover is unaffected

– ABI confirms cover on cars in recall is unaffected

– ‘Toyota Insurance’ offers cover to any drivers refused by their existing insurers

Toyota GB can confirm that insurance cover on Toyota cars is unaffected by the current safety recall.

In a statement issued yesterday (4th February), the Association of British Insurers (ABI) said: “The ABI confirms that motor insurance policies will continue to cover Toyota owners affected by the recall of certain models. Any claims will be dealt with in the normal way, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the policy. If they have not already done so, anyone who thinks they may be affected should contact their local Toyota dealer and follow their advice.”

Should this clear reassurance by the ABI not be enough, Toyota will happily offer cover to any Toyota driver via the Toyota Insurance service, replicating the same terms as their existing policy.


  1. Fine, but what about any damage to another car? I have toyota insurance, but do not want to run the risk of loosing my no claims..
    When am I to hear if my Yaris is affected??? Have sent off details as requested Days ago…

  2. So Can Toyota Sue the Silly people that have been saying that you can not drive because you are not insured!!!

    Just shows you the Media have it in for Toyota, Why! Because in the USA they are backed by GM! and most of the Government!!!!

    Political and Nasty!
    Go on Toyota Sue them for libel!

  3. My wife wanted insurance for a Yaris just ordered. Morethan quoted her twice the premium as my Auris insured last October (09). She therefore used Toyota Insurance at a premium of two thirds of my Auris. The insurance companies seem to be cashing in on the publicity rather than useing the statistics – 350000 vehicles, 250 reports, 20 actual failures

  4. Dear sir
    I have had continuous pedal noises with my Yaris since purchasing it new in Dec 2006. The garages have failed to identify the problem despite carrying out a variety of works on the car. Another problem after one year the power steering also stopped working.
    I currently have a car on loan from Bromsgrove Westlands Toyota, while they look at my car.

    Can I ever drive this car safely in future? I am understandably very worried. Will it be sorted this time?

    Olive Goodborn VN56

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