Toyota Hybrid Town: Nuno’s story [Video]

What is like to own a Toyota Hybrid? We think that it’s pretty great, but you needn’t take our word for it, because hybrid owners in Hampshire have done it for us. We’ve been speaking to owners in the Southern English county, as according to data supplied by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), more Toyota Hybrids were sold per capita in the county in the first quarter of 2014 than anywhere else in the UK. In total, 1,180 found homes there.

Nuno Madeira is a mountaineer and explorer who lives in Basingstoke, and drives a Pure White Toyota Auris Hybrid Excel. Nuno has a hunger for adventure and the great outdoors, and finds the Auris to be the perfect companion for lugging his equipment around – it also saves him a fortune on fuel costs, freeing up cash to allow him to explore all that the world has to offer.

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Nuno says: “I drive my Auris Hybrid all across the UK; mainly for research expeditions and for mountaineering – it’s all part of my passion for living an outdoors life. It’s important for me to have the right amount of space for all of my equipment.”

He adds: “The Auris offers the perfect combination of space and economy – it’s unique.”

As well as talking to Nuno, we’ve also spoken to retirees John and Margaret – who also drive an Auris Hybrid – and Sarah Watson, who drives a Yaris Hybrid. In recognition of the ever-increasing popularity of hybrids in the UK, we’ve imagined what a town where the roads are inhabited only by Toyota Hybrids would be like, which you can watch here.

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If you would like to test drive a Toyota Hybrid, leave a comment below stating your model of interest and we’ll be in touch shortly. Further information about our range of hybrid cars is available on the designated section of the Toyota UK website.

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