Toyota Hilux and Top Gear team up again

Top Gear have a soft spot for the Toyota Hilux, though considering how they’ve treated it in the past, you’d be hard pushed to believe it…


From throwing it off buildings, drowning and blowing it up, to driving it through some of the coldest and most adverse conditions on the planet – not to mention taking it to the edge of an active volcano – our iconic pick-up has done it all. But now it’s being called into the breach once more to complete a new challenge.

Unfortunately we can’t tell you what the guys at Top Gear have planned for our Hilux, but we can share some of the behind-the-scenes photos with you… Let’s hope the team are as well prepared as our truck!

Top Gear
Top Gear
Top Gear

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For more images of the Hilux’s preparation, visit


  1. I wouldn’t bother with teaming up with Topgear, not a good match of intellect in my opinion. Spot the difference:

    topgear – an immature bunch of ageing presenters, trying to keep themselves employed and feel important

    toyota – a mature, forward thinking company with a good roadmap of designs

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