Toyota GB statement on Prius brakes

Toyota dealers in North America and Japan have notified Toyota that they have received complaints related to brakes in the current Prius. There have been no reports of any accidents or injuries related to this issue.

With safety as our main priority, Toyota will continue to investigate any customer concerns that are raised. Prius is equipped with two braking systems which are designed to work together, a conventional hydraulic system and an electric system.

Customers have reported that under certain braking conditions, such as when hitting a bump, pothole or low grip surface, they notice a change in the braking feeling.

This change in braking feeling is due to the specific set-up of the anti-lock braking system on third-generation Prius.

However, to deal with the customer comments about the shift in brake feel, a change in software in the brake control was made on Prius production from late January 2010. This change was made to offer a more consistent feeling to the customer.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, please ring Toyota GB Customer Relations on 0800 1388 744.

NEW 11/2/10: Further information can be found at


  1. Hi,

    We just got our 2010 Prius Tspirit yesterday. I didn’t order the floor mats hoping to get them for cheap online but I cant really find any authentic 2010 Prius floor mats. Is there a good site in UK I can purchase these from? Also, does the dealer charge customers to silence the reverse gong and finally how do I know my car was updated with the new software (to get rid of the braking issue)?

    Many thanks!!!

    1. Saj ,

      You will soon know if you have the latest brake software .

      Try braking suddenly going over Road Calming Humps and if the Car doesn’t shoot forward briefly whilst you are braking , then you have the latest software installed .

  2. My Toyota Auris needs two rear brake discs and there
    is only 25,000 miles on the clock. I have been told
    that they are not covered under waranty even though they
    badly corroded. Does anyone else have this problem
    and does anyone else think that I shouldnt have
    to pay for discs which are obviouly made out of weak bad
    metal that is not fit for purpose?

    1. I have the same problem with a MKii Pruis, 27K on the clock car under 2.5 years old all discs corroded and need replacement along with pads not covered by warranty. Had same problem with an earlier Pruis but at least they were replaced under warranty. Will think again before buying another Toyota.


      1. Hi Phill, and A Butler,

        Brake discs are subject to wear and tear and as such will only be replaced under warranty if the car is less than 18 months old or has covered less than 20k miles*.
        If you’d like to discuss your situation with a member of the Customer Relations team, please contact them on 01737 367 600, or at – they’ll do all they can to help.

        *note: whichever occurs first (SR amend 29/7/10).

  3. Thanks,

    I’ll chase this with my local dealership since I complained about it at its second service when it had done less than 20K.

  4. I have a 2010 toyota avensis estate with 52000km or 32000miles on the clock. So far it was recalled once for a minor recall. I’ve had the front wheel bearings replaced today (under warranty). When the car was returned to me I was informed that I needed two new front doors, they have cracks in them and they also said that the front brake discs need replacing,the car was only serviced three weeks ago. whats going on with toyota, I bought the car thinking that I would NOT have these issues after all they are “THE BEST BUILT CARS IN THE WORLD”, I can’t believe that the discs must be replace after only 32000miles and I’m NOT a heavy braker. I don’t think my next car will be a toyota maybe hyundi.

  5. Hi Pat,
    We are very sorry to read your comments and can only apologise here for these issues you’ve experienced. We’d very much like to help.
    Our Customer Relations department would like to investigate this for you and may we ask that you contact them via the following link:
    They will take the time to look into this for you and will be in touch with you soon.
    Many thanks and kind regards.

  6. Oliwer,

    Thank you so much for the apology, I have followed your link. I have also been in touch with Toyota Ireland (its an Irish car) about the same problems as above and as of now have still NOT received any correspondence.

  7. i have just bought a toyota auris reg aug 2010 from a main dealer in edinburgh the car has just had its first mot at 23600 miles the mot has an advisory that the rear brake discs are worn this has to be due to the calliper sticking as brake discs should not wear at this mileage .i assume the brake callipers and pads including discs would be covered by the warranty.

    1. Hi Robert,
      Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
      It’s extremely hard for us to be able to advise or diagnose brake discs without having direct visual access to your vehicle. Vehicles are driven differently as a result of customer driving style which, can have an impact upon the wear and tear items needing to be replaced during a service or MOT. We advise contacting your local Toyota dealer to arrange an evaluation on your vehicle. When having an MOT this is a visual inspection only without removing the road wheel.
      Hope this helps.

  8. I have got 2010 prius which has been very good to me. However over the past year it has been making on and off cluncking noise on the front when it goes over the bump. I’ve had front shocks replaced as they were leaking. This matter was resolved by Toyota.

    Now I have new noise that appeared. This one is at the back of the car when the car is parked with parking brake (handbreak) applied, I preformed a bounce test and it made squeaking/cluncking sound as if there is problem with the suspensions. If you take the parking brake off and preform bounce test then noise is no more. I had this checked by the Dealers and they say this is a normal noise.
    I was told by the dealers that brakes needed to be replaced, so I got the brakes replaced. The noise is still there…… so it’s not brakes.

     All I want to do is to get this sorted. 
    Please please please, can anyone guide me on what it could be??????Re

  9. Hi Nikunj. Sorry to hear about the problems you have been having with your Prius. Unfortunately it is not possible to diagnose potential problems with a car like this. We trust that the dealer checked the vehicle correctly and they have said there is not a problem. It sounds like the dealer replaced the brake discs as additional work not related to the noise? They will always check other parts of your car to make sure that it is safe for you to drive on the road. If you are not satisfied with the work done or you think there is a problem with the car that the dealer is not telling you, we suggest that you speak with customer relations. You can do this by pasting the link into your web browser and filling out the contact form:

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