Toyota GB’s scrappage scheme – what you need to know

Toyota has launched a “scrappage” scheme which is designed to offer motorists the opportunity to trade in their older car for up to £4,000 off a cleaner, new Toyota.

The scheme covers every model in our passenger range from the Aygo to the Land Cruiser as well as our light commercial vehicle line-up, including Hilux and Proace. And of course customers can choose from our market-leading choice of petrol-electric hybrid models as well as high-efficiency non-hybrid models.

Here we try to answer the most common questions about the scheme, but your local Toyota dealer will be able to help you with specific needs and queries.

Where do I need to go if I am interested?

The scheme is only available through a franchised Toyota retailer. To find the location of your nearest dealer click here.

How long does the scheme last?

The Toyota (GB) scrappage scheme runs from 1 September 2017 to 31 December 2017.

Do I need to own a Toyota to qualify?

No, you don’t. The scheme is open to any passenger car or light commercial vehicle so long as it is more than seven years old and you have been the registered owner of the vehicle for more than six months.

Can I trade in my motorcycle or motorhome as part of the scheme?

No, the scheme only applies to cars and light commercial vehicles.

How much money is the scheme worth to me?

The value of the trade-in does depend on which Toyota model you want to buy. This table shows the maximum amount against each model.

Yaris and Yaris Hybrid£2,500
Auris and Auris Hybrid£3,500
Rav4 and RAV4 Hybrid£3,500
C-HR and C-HR Hybrid£1,000
Land Cruiser£4,000

Are there any Toyota models excluded from the offer?

While each model is available on the scheme, certain base grades are excluded (mostly because of availability). Your local Toyota retailer can go through this in greater detail with you.

Can I use the scheme as well as other existing Toyota offers?

You can’t use the scrappage allowance in conjunction with any other customer saving offers or finance deposit allowances, but usually the scrappage allowance will be greater. The best thing to do is speak to your local retailer about your exact requirements.

What happens to my old car after it is traded in?

In accordance with the law concerning scrappage schemes, your trade-in will need to be professionally disposed of so that it cannot go on the road again. Toyota goes to great lengths to make sure your car is scrapped in the greenest possible way, with everything which can possibly be recycled being extracted by experts (we partner with a company called Autogreen to achieve this). Your dealer will handle all of this for you.

All vehicles taken off the road through the Toyota scrappage scheme will be processed at authorised treatment facilities managed by Autogreen. After the safe removal of all pollutants and the recovery of retrievable parts, shredding and recovery will be handled by EMR. Together these processes will meet the legal requirement of a minimum 95 per cent recycling by vehicle weight.


  1. hi,

    At present it seems there is a shortage of Auris Cars and colours due to the imminent announcement of 2018 models.

    Can you please confirm if we would be able to use the scrappage scheme and place order for the newer models?

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for getting in touch. The Auris MY18 details have not been released yet, so we cannot confirm that this will be accepted under the scrappage scheme as the vehicle must be registered before 31st December. Hope this helps.

      1. Do we when we might have more information? I am in need for a car and at moment non of the dealers are able to get the car specs colour we want. I am also looking at other cars like Golf etc due lack of availability.

      2. Hi Chris,
        Further information regarding the Auris MY18 is due to be published within the next few days so we’d suggest contacting your local dealer next week. Hope this helps.

  2. When will the toyota website get updated with information on newer MY18 Auris models? Dealers inform we can start ordering from 1st December.

      1. Hi Chris,
        Thanks for getting in touch. The website will be updated in January when the car will be available. At the moment the MY18 Auris can be preordered but will be available early next year. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks.

      2. Hi Karen,
        Thanks for getting in touch. The website will be updated in January when the car will be available. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks.

  3. Hi Alison,
    Thanks for getting in touch. There have been no decisions made on the future of our scrappage scheme but if you keep an eye on our blog and social media spaces we’ll ensure you are kept up to date. Many thanks.

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