Toyota GB advertising and the Glenn Beck Show

There were a number of mentions yesterday on Twitter regarding a Toyota GB advertising spot which ran during a Fox Network TV show on Satellite TV.

We looked into the issue, and our Advertising Department have now released this statement:

“It came to our attention yesterday that one of our advertisements appeared during Glenn Beck’s show in late January 2010, after Toyota-Lexus USA withdrew its sponsorship of the show in late 2009. Having looked into this Toyota (GB) can confirm that it supports Toyota-Lexus USA in their decision to cease running these advertisements. We are working to ensure that no other advertisements of ours will air during future shows.”

Thanks to those who brought this to our attention.


  1. I have been experiencing the intermittent brake failure on my new T3 Prius when driving over bumpy roads. This now now been admitted in Japan. What is the fix for the problem?

    1. Hi Peter,

      All complaints in Japan regarding Prius brakes have been investigated, and Toyota can confirm that there is no safety issue. Therefore, no fix is necessary. The ‘intermittent brake failure’ you experience is the shift between hydraulic and electric braking systems. However, if you remain concerned, please call Customer Relations 0800 1388 744.

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