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Like many other businesses, Toyota is currently experiencing delays in the global supply chain for some of our components and this has unfortunately led to longer delivery times on some of our more popular new vehicles. In addition we are seeing unprecedented demand for our Hybrid Electric products.

Please be assured that our focus remains on doing everything we can to deliver our cars as quickly as possible and making sure that you have the most up to date information. Toyota’s global strength in production planning means that we have so far managed to minimise the impact of the shortages, but the global issues will result in delivery times longer than we would like.

Our Dealer network partners will have the very latest information and will be able to advise the best options for you, including the earliest available vehicles or sourcing our Approved Used cars.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


  1. Hi, I ordered a hilux invisible X on 20.10.21 and was told it would be estimated July 2022 but have heard nothing from the dealer as they do not know either. How many months before delivery does an order number be assigned to a vehicle? Thanks

    1. Hi Patrick,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Have you had the chance to contact your Toyota Centre about this?
      They would be best placed to advise you on the estimated ETA of your Hilux.

    2. Hi Patrick, my Hilux Invincible X was ordered on 01/09/21 and is currently shipping from South Africa to Zeebrugge which will take approx 35 days, then it will be shipped again to he UK. I have an eta of end of July 2022 for collection.

      1. Hi, my Hilux Invincible X was ordered on 28/09/21. The selling dealer has replied to only one email a few weeks ago (ignored the others) Apparently mine is still due late Sept, with not even an confirmed order. I have very little faith in the dealers, Toyotas presence on here is shameful. you get a reply and a estimated date until ordering, then then tell you to ask the dealer. I might as well ask my dog for an update. I wonder when the 22MY Hilux will stopped being built and move to 23MY with the JBL Sound System deleted….. I love Toyota products, but the rest of the picture leaves a lot to be desired…

    1. Hi Ewen,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The current estimated ETA month for a RAV4 Hybrid is March 2023.

    2. I ordered mine January got vall today waiting to he shipped to me in Northern Ireland due 24th may

  2. Hi
    I placed an order on 24 March 2022 for a Yaris excel and was told delivery should be September or could be sooner . Can you tell me what the delivery times are for orders placed in March 2022?

    1. Hi Vicky,
      Your Toyota Centre would be best placed to advise on the estimated ETA for your order.

  3. Hi

    I’ve ordered a RAV4 PHEV through a leasing company at the end of January this year, I was told the car would be here by the end of April, this corresponded with what a local dealer told me when I went to look at one.
    Obviously the cars not here, the leasing company has told me the only information they have is that the car is being held in production and can’t offer anymore information, not even a guess at the ETA.
    My current car has to be returned in 9 weeks, I can’t extend the lease, could you please let me know when a Rav4 PHEV is ordered at the end of January 2022, when is it likely to be delivered, even if its only an estimate so I can take steps to ensure I’m still mobile as I need the car for work.
    Before you tell me to refer back to the dealer, they’re not offering any further information and I’m not in direct contact with them so please, I’m not complaining I’d just like a rough idea of when the car will arrive.

      1. Hi, it was a Dynamic, scarlet flare with no others options.

        Thanks in advance

      2. Hi Stuart,
        From what we can see, the estimated ETA of your order should be around August.
        We hope this helps.

  4. I ordered a new toyota hybrid design, I was ordered in end March ,I was told it would be here i June I have now been told it will be August.which I’m not to happy about .yet if you look at other garages they have them why has it been extended .the staff at Pinkstones stoke are more than helpful and are disappointed that they can’t supply

    1. Hi Graham,
      We apologise about the delay in your order.
      Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to deliver your vehicle as quickly as possible and provide you with the most up to date information.

  5. Hi Could you please advise whet the current delivery estimate for a Corolla Tourer 2.0l Excel would be.?

      1. Is this for new orders or for all Corolla hybrids? I ordered a Corolla Touring Hybrid in March and keen to get a rough idea on whether they are being built every few months, or all in larger batches and more likely delayed towards the end of 2022.

      2. Hi Adele,
        Your Toyota Centre would be able to give you an accurate ETA for your specific vehicle.

  6. Hi I ordered my Hilux invincible x on 05/10/21 with delivery to be June 22. I have called my Toyota dealer / centre every 4 weeks this year as per there instructions. They have no information on when it will be here as there not receiving and information from Toyota. Called this week now there saying there still no information from Toyota and my hilux probably won’t be here until the end of the year. How’s is this acceptable.

    1. Hi Iain,
      Thanks for your comment.
      We would like to apologise for this delay.
      Please be assured we are doing everything we can to deliver your Hilux as quickly as possible.

  7. Hi, I ordered the Aygo x Limited Edition at the beginning of this month, and I know it has left the factory. I am hoping it has the JBL sound system in it, and if not, why does the other EU countries have it and not the UK?

    1. Hi Jonathan,
      Thank you for your order.
      The JBL sound system is only available as an optional extra on the Exclusive Grade.

  8. Hi,

    Do you have any idea on current delivery times for the TOYOTA RAV4 ESTATE 2.5 PHEV Design 5dr CVT?


  9. Hi

    Can you tell me the lead time on a Yaris cross dynamic brass gold, pan roof safety,

    I’m in no rush just want a guideline thanks

    1. Hi Lee,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The current estimated ETA month for a Yaris Cross is November.
      We hope this helps.

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