Toyota C-HR: What option packs are available?

The Toyota C-HR is designed to stand out from the crowd, appealing to consumers seeking individuality, style and quality. With two engine options, three equipment grades, a choice of front- or four-wheel drive, and a palette of nine colours to choose from, there are plenty of opportunities to create the perfect extension of your personality.

Further increasing the possibilities is a wide choice of official accessories, some of which we have bundled into helpful and cost-effective option packs. These are listed below.

Toyota C-HR accessories: Tech Pack

Cost: £895 (Hybrid) and £995 (1.2T)
Applicable grade: Icon
Description: adds some of the valuable safety and functionality features of high-spec models to the entry-level Icon grade
Components: smart entry and start (1.2T only), Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Change Assist and auto-folding door mirrors with integral puddle lights

Toyota C-HR accessories: Leather Pack

Cost: £995 (Excel and Dynamic) or £1,250 (Icon)
Applicable grades: Icon, Excel and Dynamic
Description: upgrades the standard fabric (Icon and Dynamic) or partial leather seats (Excel) with full black leather upholstery. Icon upgrade pictured
Components: full black leather seat upholstery

Toyota C-HR accessories: Premium Pack

Cost: £1,595
Applicable grades: Excel and Dynamic
Description: sit back in leather-lined comfort and enjoy the tailor-made sound of a JBL audio system that delivers music exactly as the artist intended
Components: full black leather seat upholstery and JBL premium audio system, consisting of an eight-channel, 576W amplifier, nine speakers and patented JBL wave guides

Toyota C-HR accessories: Accent Pack

Cost: £400
Applicable grades: Icon, Excel and Dynamic
Description: adds splashes of colour around the vehicle, choosing from Metal Stream, Tokyo Red, Havana Brown, White, Lime Green and Chrome shades
Components: front bumper insert, fog lamp surrounds, side sill inserts (pictured in Lime Green) and rear trim

Toyota C-HR accessories: Sport Pack

Cost: £850
Applicable grades: Icon, Excel and Dynamic
Description: gives the Toyota C-HR a more purposeful, sporty appearance
Components: front skirt, side under-runs and rear diffuser (pictured)

Toyota C-HR accessories: SUV Pack

Cost: £975
Applicable grades: Icon, Excel and Dynamic
Description: gives the Toyota C-HR a more rugged, SUV-like stance
Components: front guard (pictured), stainless steel side bars and rear diffuser

Toyota C-HR accessories: Parking Pack

Cost: £500
Applicable grade: Icon
Description: helps to make parking easier and avoids damaging the vehicle
Components: four front and four rear colour-coded parking sensors, cancellation switch for rear sensors

Toyota C-HR accessories: Protection Pack

Cost: £325
Applicable grades: Icon, Excel and Dynamic
Description: helps to keep your Toyota C-HR in showroom condition by preventing accidental damage
Components: stainless steel rear bumper protection plate, four mud flaps and boot liner (pictured)

Toyota C-HR accessories: Entertainment Packs

Cost: £400 to £1,250
Applicable grades: Icon, Excel and Dynamic
Description: an integrated, powered rear-seat entertainment system featuring multi-purpose docking stations that can be configured to run both DVD players and Apple iPads (generations 2, 3 and 4)
Components: integrated combinations of single/twin rear seatback docks, iPad holders and 7-inch DVD players and monitors

Toyota C-HR accessories: Towing Packs

Cost: £550 (7-pin wiring) or £600 (13-pin wiring)
Applicable grades: Icon, Excel and Dynamic
Description: adds towing capacity of 720kg (unbraked on all 1.2T models), 725kg (braked or unbraked on all Hybrid models), 1,100kg (braked on 1.2T automatic models) and 1,300kg (braked on 1.2T manual models). Also allows fitment of a tow bar-mounted bike rack (pictured)
Components: vertically detachable tow bar, tow-ball cap, choice of 7- or 13-pin dedicated Toyota genuine wiring kit

See more: Click this link to visit the full Toyota C-HR accessories page


  1. What option packs are available in my CHR(1.2 turbo 4*2 diomand multidrive s/ model 2017 / motor NO:8NRU064118 chassis noNMTKY4BX10R014374)

  2. I have a new Toyota CH-R 2 litre hybrid orange edition, I need a bike rack not a roof one, what do you recommend?

      1. Thanks, but I have been told I cannot put a tow bar on this car even if its just for a cycle rack, are there any options?

      2. Hi Simon,
        Thanks for your reply.
        Could you please provide us with your reg? We can then look into this further for you.

      3. Hi can you tell me what accessories or upgrades my car had from new please ,I have just purchased c-hr 1.8 hybrid dynamic reg GY70GLS

      4. Hi Mark,
        Thanks for your comment.
        We cannot find any vehicles with that registration.

    1. Please could you tell me if the two chrome oblong fittings each side of the rear on the ch-r excel where the exhaust is positioned, are they options or fitted as standard and what is there description.Thanks

      1. Hi David,
        As mentioned in our reply to your previous question, 2020 and 2021 Design, Excel and Orange Edition C-HR vehicles are fitted with a rear bumper with chrome plated inserts when the 2.0 litre hybrid powertrain is selected.
        It distinguishes them from 1.8 litre hybrid derivatives and is therefore not available on 1.8 litre hybrid cars.

  3. Hi Simon,
    Thanks for your reply and for your patience.
    We’re sorry it’s taken a while to get back to you, but we’ve been dealing with some conflicting information.
    As your vehicle has a towing capacity of 725kg, a tow bar can be fitted.
    We unfortunately only sell a roof bike rack for the C-HR, not a rear-mounted bike rack, but there is the possibility to purchase an unofficial part if you chose to proceed with this course of action.
    Thanks, and we apologise again for the delay in our response.

    1. I have a chr excel 2.0 hybrid due in mid July. I have purchased the chrome essential protection pack . Are scuff plates included and what fitments are included

      1. Morning.

        The Essential Protection Pack (Chrome) with the C-HR Excel features Rear Bumper Protection Plate – Stainless Steel and Boot Liner.

        We can’t wait to see you enjoying your new car!


  4. Hey! where can i find this suv package with front skirt rear skirt? I live in Sweden and the Toyota salesman says I can not buy this! can you help me?

    1. Hi Niclas,
      Thanks for getting in touch.
      This option pack is specifically for the UK model of C-HR.
      Your Toyota Centre in Sweden will be best placed to advise on the offerings available there for you.

  5. Hi, I am considering buying a used CH-R Orange Edition, probably on a 20 plate. Having a small trailer and a bike rack I need a tow bar. Can the official toyota towbar be fitted to a used CH-R?

    1. Hi Mark,

      Great choice! The C-HR can have a tow bar fitted and has a towing capacity of 725kgs.


  6. Is a panoramic sunroof an option on the Toyota C-Hr or does the roof line shape prevent fitting one.

  7. I am missing the stereo button on the steering wheel. Shall I buy it is not? The vehicle is C-HR 2020.

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