Toyota C-HR: What engines will be available?

The Toyota C-HR will offer a driving experience perfectly aligned with modern, urban life, delivering a level of efficiency previously unseen in the crossover segment.

Toyota C-HR Geneva

Two engine options will be available from launch – either a 1.2-litre petrol turbo or 1.8-litre petrol/electric hybrid – and, depending on model, a choice of transmissions and drivetrain options. But which of the two high-tech powerplants should you choose?

Read on for our brief synopsis of each engine.

Highlights: 1.8-litre hybrid

The Toyota C-HR can come with the advanced powertrain that is derived from that in the new Prius but specially tuned for this application.

2ZR-FXE 02

It consists of an engine that returns 40 per cent thermal efficiency – a world-best for a petrol unit – and hybrid components that are compact, lightweight and positioned for optimum packaging. Sophisticated management of these power sources means the engine can be stopped earlier and more frequently to increase the proportion of EV driving.

C-HR drivetrain 01

The continuously variable transmission (CVT) has been engineered with lower gearing for improved off-the-line acceleration, and can be switched into an adaptive sport mode for greater responsiveness.

  • 122bhp
  • Targeting best-in-class CO2
  • Front-wheel drive only with continuously variable transmission

Highlights: 1.2-litre petrol turbo

The Toyota C-HR is the second European model to receive Toyota’s new 1.2-litre direct-injection turbocharged petrol engine – Auris is the first. It offers performance similar to that of a naturally aspirated 1.6-litre engine but with significantly lower fuel consumption and emissions.


A choice of two gearboxes will be available – manual or continuously variable transmission. The former is computer-controlled to offer ‘intelligent’ functions such as rev-matching to smooth transitions between gears. Specifying the latter gearbox will open the possibility of either front- or all-wheel drive transmission.

  • 115bhp
  • 185Nm (136 lb/ft) torque
  • Front-wheel drive only with manual transmission
  • Front- or all-wheel drive with continuously variable transmission

    All information is correct at the time of publishing


      How would you like to drive a Porche with 114 Hp? CHR looks racy and capable, and if I am not mistaken, the suspension could handle more power! CHR has to be match with a least 1.5 liter turbo charge engine that could deliver 175-200 Hp. When I saw the design of the CHR, I Love it until Toyota confirmed that it will fitted with a 1.2 liter with a acceleleration slower than the old Yaris 1.5 liter naturally aspirated engine! Should this case of the CHR, I change my mind and won’t buy it! Sorry but I could not live with a car am not happy to drive! I will look for some alternative like the Honda hatchback fitted with a 1.5 liter turbo that delivers 180 hp and coulld accelerate from 0-100 in 6.8 seconds with remarkable economy!

    2. Well J have just purchased the 1.8 ltr
      Hybrid Plenty of power and a real nice drive
      I have had Avensis Prius Auris over the last 15 years and the CHR is by far the best yet

    3. Well good to hear that! It’s not yet in the Philippines, and I will it hesitate to test drive a 1.2 liter turbo generating 114 Hp. Obcourse engine in actual run is relative to weight of the vehicle, the reason why I pre judgement before I could road test the CHR , because I have a 1.5 liter naturally aspirated Yaris and it could accelerate from 0-100 kms in 10 seconds, while the CHR with 1.2 liter turbo could make it in 10.2 seconds! There is where I have my doubts! I feel sorry for CHR not fitted with at least 1.5 liter turbo where the engine is available! I was looking for some alternative and there is the Honda hatchback fitted with a 1.5 liter turbo that spits out 180 HP and sprints 0-100kms in 6.8 seconds. Obcourse the Honda hatchback is not yet available in thePhilippines but it will be soon with a 6 speed manual short throw transmission! Well see, Toyota will be forced out to fit stronger engines with the CHR, cause all competitors have very small but engines turbo charge, VW, Nissan Juke, Mazda, etc

      1. Why diesel will be a no no before long in many cities and its cost per litre is only going to continue to rise ( plus they sound lime tractors ,no thanks stinks if you spill any as well yuk to diesel

    4. Was keen on this. We looked at one in our local JEMCA recently – it looks like a lovely car, but,,,YIKES!!! 1.2L engine for a car of that size leaves me feeling that it is underpowered. My Yaris ICON has more punch at 1.3 / 1.4L.
      I am in the market for a SUV feel and am also considering the DACIA Duster. Will be taking it for a test drive first.

    5. I have had 1.8hybrid for 2 months love it plenty of power and after 1500 miles my average MPG is over 63mpg

    6. Hi Ella
      Interesting to note that Toyota targeted a younger group for the CHR. They have also decided that this group is more interested in looks and economy when they purchase a car. I have been watching the posts on various forums and it looks like Toyota has missed the mark.There is a much larger cashed up segment in the mid to older group that have shown an interest in this model. But the overwhelming response is they have given it the sporty look and great suspension but the performance of your average ride on lawn mower.. My wife loved the look but when we took it for a test drive we could not believe how poor the performance was in relation to what other brands had on offer. I turn 63 this year and love the look of the CHR so it is not just the younger generation it appeals to. I hope Toyota will listen to all the negative feedback regarding performance and fit a better engine and maybe the sluggish sales will start to improve before the CHR is added to the list of missed marketing opportunities.. Fit a better engine i have the money.

      1. Hi Evan,
        Thanks for your feedback. We’re sorry you feel this way and we’ve passed your comments on to our Product and Marketing teams. Thanks.

        1. Please don’t think i am knocking the CHR i love it in every respect apart from performance. I want to buy one but will wait until performance matches style.PLEASE PLEASE.PLEASE.

      2. Did you test drive the 1200 or 1800? And what settings was it on ? I personally have had the 1800 for over 1 year now and it has plenty of power , and have taken it off the sport setting to Eco , and it still has plenty of power , now if you drove the 1200 I would agree, it also isn’t very economical as the smaller engine has to work harder , I am returning average of 60mpg , and I don’t hang about

        1. Hi Peter.We tested the 1200 and maybe the 1800 would have been a better bet but i did not want a hybrid vehicle. so that only leaves the 1200. I dont understand why they would put so much effort into design and suspension to make a car look like it would perform but not give it performance. I am pleased that you are happy with your car but wonder what level of performance you call plenty of power. If you look at various other makes with either a 1200 or an 1800 with this type of styling it is lagging way behind. a shame because i love it in every other respect. Enjoy your car but i am afraid i will pass for something a little more spirited.

        2. Soon to be changing my car and I love the look of the CHR and swore it would be the next car for me. I test drove both the 1.2 and 1.8. The hybrid definitely has more punch, but it’s still decidedly lacking and I currently drive a 110bhp diesel!
          If they put a decent engine (eg something like the 150ps 1.5 petrol the VW group had), I wouldn’t even be looking at other cars, but as it is, it’s not even on my shortlist, which is a huge shame as I still think it’s the best looking car around!

        3. Peter looking at the number of times you have posted that you like the power i cant help feeling that you are trying to justify your purchase as nobody else has agreed with this. Maybe looks are more important to you than performance.

    7. Can anybody tell me whether the CHR is going to offer the 2.0 L engine and modified transmission fitted in the Lexus UX and Corolla in the near future.

      1. Hi Terence,

        Thanks for getting in touch, it’s great to hear your interest in the C-HR. We don’t currently have any information to reveal, however all announcements will be shared across our blog and social channels so do keep an eye out!


    8. The CHR looks amazing and I wanted one from the first time I ever saw one, however, the engine choice is disappointing considering it looks like it’s going 60 mph while parked. I imagine a lot depends on what car you currently drive as to whether you would be happy with the Toyota’s present performance. A CHR with a Ford puma ST 1.5 turbo engine would be a no brainer really.

      1. Hi David,
        Thanks for getting in touch. We’re glad to hear that you love the look of the C-HR!
        Our current C-HR range comes with the choice of either a 1.8 litre or 2.0 litre petrol hybrid engine, depending on grade.
        You can view our current offerings here:

    9. I really want a Ch-r my last two vehicles were Toyota both diesels, unfortunately I am put off because they don’t do these in a diesel, diesel engines are so much more economical and have stronger engines, my Yaris 1.4 icon 64 plate with 189K on the clock still drives like it’s brand new and it’s a diesel never gave me any problems except needing a new battery, I did get dpf problems but that’s just a stupid filter that’s not needed so I got that taken out and had the car remapped lol.

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