Toyota bZ Compact Concept debuts in Europe

The Toyota bZ Compact SUV Concept has made its European debut in Brussels, giving a glimpse of what the future could hold as Toyota extends the electrification vision of its bZ “Beyond Zero” sub-brand. 

The concept is a full battery electric vehicle (BEV) for the C-SUV market, Europe’s largest segment. Positioned alongside the Toyota C-HR Prologue, it illustrates Toyota’s multi-technology approach to reducing carbon emissions, meeting customers’ diverse needs and supporting sustainability through extended product offerings.  

Toyota bZ Compact Concept

The Toyota bZ Compact SUV Concept has been designed in Europe by Toyota European Design and Development (ED2) in France. It displays a new “clean-vital” design approach that combines minimalism with futuristic vitality. It is a zero-emission model that uses low-impact, sustainable materials, delivers dynamic performance, applies cutting-edge technologies and presents a stylish appearance. 

The car’s aerodynamic form enhances its futuristic look, with the wheels pushed out to the corners to create a powerful stance. Short overhangs and swept-back angles express its advanced technology content, while a narrowed-down cabin gives an agile, low-drag look. The concept model measures 4,538mm long and 1,560mm high. 

Toyota bZ Compact Concept

The edgy styling extends to the interior with distinctive, premium finishes. There are several eco-friendly touches, such as seating made from plant-based and recycled materials, following the Beyond Zero theme. An in-car personal assistant connects the driver and passengers with the vehicle through audio and lighting cues that move around the cabin, responding to requests or commands. 

Through its Beyond Zero message, Toyota envisions a future in which carbon neutrality is achieved through the practical introduction of products with advanced, alternative fuel and zero-emission powertrain technologies. In Europe, Toyota plans to introduce six bZ brand models by 2026. Such a diverse, electrified portfolio will help propel the company towards its global goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. 

Further information about the bZ Compact SUV Concept will be revealed in December 2022. 

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  1. In the same week Toyota also launched the newly designed, sporty, 2023 Prius PHEV, it is such an improvement Toyota are calling it the ‘ Hybrid Reborn’, it made a big impact and got very positive reviews on all the car websites, many are calling it the best Prius yet and one of your best hybrids. It’s going on sale in Europe, the USA and Japan but it’s being reported that it won’t be available in the UK.

    Is this correct, are Toyota not making the 2023 Prius PHEV available to UK buyers?

    1. Hi Andy, thanks for your question.

      With our evolving UK product strategy and changing market conditions, we have taken the decision not to introduce the new generation Prius in the UK as the new model represents a very different proposition to its predecessor, alongside a clear shift in UK consumer demand towards more SUV style vehicles.


  2. I think that there are still a lot of us out here that still prefer the sleek lines of a CAR than the usual square, angular and at most times downright ugly lines of SUVs. It is pleasantly surprising that Toyota have chosen to come up with a vehicle designated an SUV, when it has the good looks usually associated with a CAR. I will certainly be looking at the specifications for the production version, when they are released. Hopefully, it will have a range of at least 300 miles. In the meantime, my Prius Plug-In continues to give me the best of both worlds until the UK electric infrastructure is more widespread and reliable (and the Compact SUV is released).

  3. I think the decision not to make the new Prius available to the UK market may turn out to be a miscalculation as consumer demand adjusts to a pragmatic approach to the TCO of mobility.

  4. I’ve had my Prius (my fourth) since mid 2019 and was looking forward to getting the next one. As the previous respondents say, it seems a totally wrong decision to withdraw the Prius from the UK market.
    I find the newer cars plug-ugly and low on usability compared with the Prius. Even my wife has commented on the lack of boot space in the UK line-up of Toyota compared with the Prius. Boot volume alone is not the only measurement to be considered. I very often need to put in awkward and unwieldy items which the Prius does well. A chunky, angular ‘sporty’ styling does nothing I need or want. The Prius made sleek lines and practicable considerations possible in one package.
    Bad move as far as I am concerned and it’s shaping up to me leaving Toyota. I think I’ll need to continue to use my present car as there’s nothing else which fits the bill.

  5. I agree fully with the above comments. I have had three Prius’s and was eagerly looking forward to buying the latest version only to be told that Toyota were not bringing it to the UK. It seems that the EU will get it. As the Republic of Ireland use right hand drive cars why is it not possible to allow UK Prius owners to have access to the car. Surely it cannot be beyond Toyota to offer right hand drive cars on a pre purchase scheme for UK customers. I have looked at all of the cars on offer at my local Toyota dealer and non met the specs of the Prius. As stated by the previous contributor. As a loyal Toyota customer for many years I feel extremely let down by this decision and am, as the previous comments, looking at alternative makers for my next vehicle.

  6. I love the design! I really hope the real car looks like this. I’m also hoping for 300+ miles of range and an AWD option.

  7. I have a Prius 2010. Looking to upgrade but also wanted to get a new car but this time a full electric. The Upcoming BZ Compact SUV is just what i’m looking for. The look and design of it looks appealing and like the Beyond Zero (vision/aim). Hopefully its out soon.

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