Toyota Auris Touring Sports review

The Toyota Auris Touring Sports is an estate car with a spacious cabin and large luggage area, which means it has the capacity to handle the needs of growing families and business users alike.

The varied range comprises four trim levels and is offered with an unrivaled range of petrol, diesel or full hybrid engine options. Designed to offer fantastic practicality, the Auris Touring Sports is built exclusively in Britain at our Burnaston plant in Derbyshire.


Four engine options are available in the Toyota Auris Touring Sports – two petrol, one diesel and a full hybrid – all of which are designed to balance performance with fuel economy.

As it is longer and has a wider-opening tailgate than the equivalent Auris hatchback, the estate body is reinforced to match the strength of the hatchback model. The car has also been engineered with a low centre of gravity to improve handling and high-speed stability, while specially tuned suspension is used to deliver a comfortable ride. Steering feel is increased with new gear ratios and improved responsiveness.

Passenger space and comfort were priorities in the design of the Toyota Auris Touring Sport’s interior. Trim grades comprise Active, Icon, Icon plus and Excel, and equipment levels are generous irrespective of grade. There is a wide range of adjustment available in the front seats, plus the seat back design offers rear seat passengers extra knee room. Soft-touch and textured materials are used at every point where the human body makes contact with the car, as well as in highly visible areas such as the front pillars. Increased use of soundproofing material isolates engine and road noise for a remarkably quiet cabin.


The passenger area of the Toyota Auris Touring Sports is identical to that of the hatchback version, so the extra 285mm length is dedicated to the extended load space. With the rear seats in place the luggage capacity is 530 litres, accessed through an aperture that is 100mm lower than that of the hatchback. However, by folding down the Easy-Flat one-touch seat backs the capacity increases to a class-leading 1,658 litres with a load space length of 2,047mm. Additional storage compartments are built into either side of the boot area and beneath the boot floor, and because the hybrid battery hides beneath the rear seats there is no difference in luggage capacity between hybrid- and conventionally-powered models.

Both the Toyota Auris and Auris Touring Sports models have achieved the highest five-star ratings in the 2013 Euro NCAP independent safety test programme. All models are fitted with a host of safety features, including those that pulse brake application, increase brake pressure in an emergency, optimise brake force across all four wheels, and improve the car’s overall stability. Inside the cockpit is a full complement of airbags, while the sleek exterior design incorporates energy-absorbing components and is shaped to improve pedestrian impact performance.


With aerodynamic bodywork allied to efficient engines, all Toyota Auris Touring Sports models are designed to minimise running costs. Combined cycle efficiency values range from 45.6mpg to 76.4mpg, and Toyota’s ongoing drive to reduce harmful emissions means that road tax rates range from an affordable £145 each year to completely free. Service intervals stand at 10,000 miles or annually, while the hybrid drivetrain is specifically designed to reduce service, maintenance and repair costs, which can be more than 50% lower than diesel competitors.

The Toyota Auris Touring Sports is built to the highest possible standards at Toyota’s Burnaston plant, alongside the Auris hatchback and Avensis models. So sure is Toyota of the quality and reliability of its vehicles that they all come with a five-year/100,000-mile warranty, while the hybrid components are covered by an eight-year/100,000-mile warranty.

There are 16 different versions within the Toyota Auris Touring Sports range, ranging in price from a promotional £16,045 to £23,990. The entry level 1.33 Dual VVT-i petrol engine is available in Active, Icon and Icon plus grades for between £16,045 and £19,545. The 1.4 D-4D diesel model comes in all four grade structures, ranging in price from £17,395 to £22,595, while the 1.6 Valvematic petrol comes in Icon, Icon plus and Excel grades. Prices for this model go from £19,095 to £21,350, with the optional Multidrive S automatic transmission adding another £1000 to these figures. Finally, the 1.8 Hybrid Synergy Drive powerplant comes in either Icon grade upwards, priced from £21,745.

For the latest on UK range and pricing structures, visit the Toyota Auris page on If you’d like to experience the Auris Touring Sports for yourself, we’ll be happy to help – simply leave a comment below and we’ll take it from there.

*Prices correct as of 13/01/15


    1. Thanks for the post Sam.
      Glad you like the car. Is this the first time you have driven a hybrid? Be interested to hear your comments on that.

      1. Hi David
        Yes I bought the Toyota Auris 1.8 hybrid hatchback saloon on 26th September from Toyota Tamworth so I have only had 4 days experience of driving the car. However I did an 80 mile run on Sunday and put it through it’s paces.
        I found that it has made me completely change my driving habits. Previously I would drive my Seat Ibiza 1.9 turbo diesel like a maniac but now I sit back with cruise control enabled and have a really relaxing drive. On some occasions when I use the kickdown acceleration to overtake, I see the eco light go out and think I must slow down and make the best use of my tax free hybrid system.
        I will continue to enjoy all the very nice features of this car and can make a more informed comment in a little while.
        Best wishes

      2. Hi Sam
        Thanks for your post and good to receive your feedback.
        We regularly see new owners comment on the quiet peaceful drive and this does have an influence on your driving style. I have attached a link to feature we previously undertook regarding driving tips for getting the best from your hybrid and you can look at this following the attached link. Keep us posted and hope this helps for now.

  1. I have just bought a Auris sports Tourer hybrid. I just love it. I had the touch and go plus fitted. I want to update the sat nav but the software seems to be only got PC’s. I have. An iMac how can I download it.
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Mick
      Thanks for your post.
      You will need to contact your local Toyota dealer who will be able to carry the update for you. Unfortunately there is not the facility to use the Touch and Go toolbox on a Mac. You can use this link to help find your nearest dealer.
      Hope this helps.

  2. My wife and I are trading our 61 plate Auris Hatch in for the 1.4D Touring Sport and we are really looking forward for its arrival. However I was quite upset that we were unable to look at and test drive one before placing our order. Our dealer has found it difficult to source one. Hopefully after 3 weeks we will get to test drive one this weekend.

    1. Hello Tony
      Thanks for your post.
      Interested to hear about how you got on with your test drive? If there were problems in driving the 1.4 diesel please let us know and we will be happy to see what we can do to help.

  3. Ordered mine in July, still waiting, Beat that for incompetent salesmanship.
    Due to collect sometime in January.
    Top brass at Toyota just refer you back to dealership, Makes you wonder what they do all day.
    I never had this carry on with lexus or Mercedes, perhaps I`m trying to buy the wrong marque of car.

    1. Hi Finchley,
      We’re sorry to read your comments about how long you’ve had to wait to get your new car. It’s true that the onus does lie with the Dealer in question however we’d like to help. Follow the link to get in touch with our Customer Relations team, they’ll investigate this for you and advise:
      Many thanks and kind regards.

  4. I have just bought a auris touring sport hybrid and i take delivery of it next week!! Cant wait. Im Like a child on christmas morning!! It all started in Jan 2014 when we hired a new Corrola (auris) in austraila. it had a 2lt engine with a 7 speed auto gearbox. i feel in love with it! when we got home we visited our local dearship in northampton and traded in our 2012 yaris. The slaesman was very helpful. We did the figures first to make sure we could afford the repayments, then we went for the test drive. loads of coffee and hot chocolate later, we ”did the deal”! They was going to lend us the car for 24 hours overnight but the person who was driving it as a pool car had already gone home. Never mind! We came back the next evening and took it for a test drive. It drove even beter then the auto hatch!

  5. My wife has the hatchback Hybrid, we ignored some of the motoring press reviews which were misleading, I am really impressed, it is smooth, quiet, responsive and having now put 5500 miles on it, we are getting 58 mpg without really trying, I am thinking about the estate for my next car!

    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your post. We are so pleased to hear that you are enjoying your Auris Hybrid. We wish you many more happy miles in it. Please do let us know if there is anything we can help you with when you are looking to purchase the Auris Touring Sports.

  6. am due to take delivery of a new Auris Hybrid excel but I am terrified of the the engine stop and start I have driven an automatic for 30 years and the car will roll back on a hill as a disabled driver I am worried no terrified

  7. Hello Andy
    Thanks for your post and sorry to hear about your concerns.
    Have you had a test drive? Please let us know because you will see that a hybrid will drive no differently to an automatic. The only difference is that at lower speed you will be powered by the electric motor and not the petrol engine so while the engine will be silent, there will always be power going to the wheels. If you want to let us know who your local dealer is then they would be more than happy to take you out for an accompanied test drive so you can try this out for yourself and should provide some reassurance.
    Hope this helps a bit Andy but please come back to us about that test drive.

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