First production-ready Toyota Auris Touring Sports at Geneva 2013

Toyota will unveil the production-ready Auris Touring Sports at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, having previewed the estate version of its Auris model at the Paris motor show last year. It will also publish full specifications, dimensions and performance data for the new, British-built model, which will go on sale later this year.

Toyota wants Auris Touring Sports to become a new leader in the market for medium-size estate cars, supported by its strong, contemporary styling, excellent luggage capacity and unique-in-segment full hybrid powertrain option.

The model’s debut will be supported by the presentation of a special design study, the Auris Touring Sports Black.

For information on the new Auris, check out our previous Auris Touring Sports posts and our round-up of Auris reviews.

Auris Touring Sports will appear at the show alongside the FT-Open concept, a hint at the possibility of a future GT86 convertible, the i-ROAD concept and the new RAV4.

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  1. As its now production ready, there must be some information on the load space in the rear with and without the seats down. Can you please supply the figures

  2. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for the post.
    We are expecting these figures to be available in May, which is after the homologation of the vehicle.
    Once we have more details we’ll certainly blog about it!
    Keep checking back to the Toyota blog for the latest news, many thanks.

  3. Hi Oliwer,
    Unfortunately May will be too late. I would need to know this month as i am due to order my new car.

    1. Hi Andy,
      We have received some new information on the Auris Touring Sports today. We will be updating the blog shortly, so we hope this information will be useful to you.
      Kind regards.

  4. I know the hatchback doesn’t but will at least the touring sports version of the Auris have a door/hole through the middle back seat to allow easy transport of skis and other long objects inside the car while still seating 4? (Seriously, why WOULDN’T there be one?!) Avensis apparently has it but that’s too much of a car for me.

    Also, will the seats fold flat (at least approximately)?

    If the TS won’t deliver then I’ll definitely be looking elsewhere to replace the tribute to durability and practicality that is ’93 Carina E.

    And I might as well ask here… why the h*** did Toyota stop making 5 door liftback/sedan cars? The alternative is what? Two boring Skodas and the Mondeo?!

    1. Hi Jernej,
      Limited information is currently available on the new Auris Touring Sports until nearer to its launch in the Summer.
      We have some new information today so we will be updating the blog shortly, we hope this update will be of use to you.
      Kind regards.

  5. Hi Andy,
    Yes it does:
    With the rear seats in place the load area is 1,115mm long and 1,452mm wide, giving a capacity of 530 litres. With the rear seats folded the length increases to 2,047mm; with loadspace height up to 890mm, the maximum capacity is a class-leading 1,658 litres.
    You can now see the post here:
    We hope this helps.

  6. Thanks Amy,
    Will you be announcing specs at Geneva?
    If you are to offer the technology pack as per the Prius as an option this could be a serious contender for my new company car.


    1. Thanks Amy,
      Looking at the spec of the Excel hatch if they offer adaptive cruise as an option this will be a serious contender for my next car. Just one question are Toyota going to offer pre order as it would be great to get the order in as soon as the specs and pricing are announced and have one of the first on the road.
      Thanks again

      1. Hi Andy,
        Thanks again for your interest in the Auris Touring Sports.
        Orders can be placed for this new model from April, your local Dealer will be able to help you further:
        We will have more information on this new model later in the week so please do keep a check back here on the Toyota Blog.
        Many thanks.

      2. Hi Andy,
        You can now find full specification and pricing for the Auris Touring Sports here: This includes a video showing the vehicle interior and boot space.
        We hope this helps.

    2. Thanks Amy,
      Its certainly impressive and could just fit my requirements.
      The last piece of the jigsaw would be adaptive cruise and i could be first in the queue.

      1. Thanks, Andy.
        Unfortunately, Adaptive Cruise Control isn’t available with this model.
        We do advise speaking with your local Dealer who may be able to help you further. You can find their details here:
        If we can help any further, please do let us know.
        Many thanks.

    3. Hi Amy,
      That’s a real shame that Toyota UK are not embracing this technology with its new models, its been around for a while.

      It’s only available with the niche Prius or the Avensis, surely Toyota UK could have taken the lead on this and offered the adaptive cruise, pre crash safety etc on a main stream model rather that being another model that fits in with the norm of other manufacturers. It will be interesting to see if the adaptive cruise, pre crash safety etc is available on the European models as is the case with the Prius + and we again in the UK are regarded as second class.
      It would be great to get some feed back from the people that make the decisions on the UK specs and why they don’t think this safety technology is needed in the UK.
      Surely this would increase the interest in the Auris and lead to additional sales.
      I will have to put some serious thought into whether this will sway me away from Toyota again.

      1. Hi Andy,
        Thank you for taking the time to pass on your feedback.
        We have spoken with our Product Development colleagues to raise your concerns. Unfortunately, Adaptive Cruise Control was not an option made available to the UK for Auris and Auris Touring Sports. We are aware of the importance of pre-crash systems to our customers and are working hard to make these available as a cost effective solution. However, we have to assess the level of demand for the options made available to us; as well as the suitability of the market, competitive landscape and price, before choosing those most suitable for the local market.
        We are sorry this has impacted your decision and if we can help with anything further, please let us know.
        Kind regards.

  7. Hi Andy,
    There will be further updates on the new Auris Touring Sports at the Geneva Motor Show, unfortunately we are unable to confirm what these will be.
    Thank you for your feedback here and we will pass this on.
    Kind regards.

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