Toyota Auris Hybrid Feel! TV advert

Our new Toyota Auris Hybrid Feel! TV campaign takes you to the craziest traffic in the world – Mumbai. If you can drive here with a smile you will truly fall in love with driving again.

Take a look at the video below.

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What is the music in the Toyota Auris TV advert?

You been anywhere with crazy traffic? Let us know in the comments section below.

Find out more about Toyota Hybrids on the Toyota website.

By Iain Reid


  1. I’ve been to Bombay and I would never driver there.
    The street you show is pretty clear relative to most of the streets.
    Where was this shot.
    I would defy you to shoot the advert in Delhi which is even worse than Bombay.

  2. Hi Tony. Thanks for getting in touch. The ad was shot in Mumbai and these days it’s well known for being one of the worst places to drive in the whole of India! This is mostly due to poor city planning, ongoing developments, the huge increase in private vehicles and the lack of self-discipline of Mumbaikars when in their cars. We’re sure it’s bad in Bombay and Delhi too though.

  3. I see this god awful advert is back!,at least the silly wrong words bit has been cut, The alternative newer ad is so much better with drivers and passengers singing another song. Still I suppose having shot the original and spent a lot of money on it,then it has to be used, but the guy “singing” still makes me change channels!
    (I await the lovely Jane’s comments having a pop at me again….but I still don’t come from anywhere near Essex lol)

  4. I hate the the bloke and the situation who are the people who made this add its one of the most annoying ever sack them now.

    My freinds family have 3 Auris so I do know these cars but if I thought I would look like that plonker in the advert I would never go near one

  5. After three days..mmhmhhnnaa hmm…my skin..hhmmhm nanana. I’ve been through the desert…mmnmnm lala…

    I can’t actually drive. And frankly, if driving makes you behave like the guy in the advert, I never want to. And why Mumbai? ‘My car is so comfy and air conditioned that I can happily ignore the third world poverty around me whilst I sing a song (badly) about going mental in the desert and my skin peeling off’?

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